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Have you ever felt that JRPGs can be a bit… well, sterile? That you're essentially walking down a series of very pretty corridors dressed up as castles or forests or caves full of doors you can't open, knee-high walls that you can't jump over and enemies that can only be fought in separate, specially-approved arenas? The Last Story isn't like that. There's a pleasing physicality to the world and the combat that completely removes that sense of detachment.

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Grap2366d ago

it seems JRPG still has some hope

Redempteur2366d ago

Again another soul that haven't played xenoblade .....

despair2366d ago

good score and good game, damn I wish I still had a Wii. Well time to coax my cousin into lending me his :)

VileAndVicious2366d ago

if this game were on ps3 id by it in a heartbeat. dunno why they wouldnt release it on the ps3....seems like it might sell better there.

Moncole2366d ago

How would it have sold better on PS3?

VileAndVicious2366d ago

dunno, just cant remember the last time a game that wasnt developed by nintendo did remarkably well on the wii. That isnt to say the wii is bad per se, or to say that this game will sell millions of copies or anything.

Just that youd think that this being a new IP the developers would want as many people to know about it as possible. That includes the 360 as well i suppose. Looks awesome though.

Moncole2366d ago

Nintendo has the highest grossing exclusives.

VileAndVicious2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Thats What I said infact.
The diffrence though those are all marios,zelda, etc. which are games that all well known from the glory days of Nintendo, games that many such as myself have grown up with of course they will sell well.

"dunno, just cant remember the last time a game that wasnt developed by nintendo did remarkably well on the wii."

I was talking about the games that have come out as exclusives that were awesome that just didnt sell very well. For example mad world, or No more heros. Both of those games were cool and were exclusive but new ip's.

Kind of the same with last story. Mistwalker is an excellent studio and for Last Stories sake I hope it does do very well so in the future it might become a long standing franchise like Final Fantasy. Its certainly been getting some pretty good reviews and I think it looks great.

But I know many people like myself who missed the old days of final fantasy and love JRPGs, who don't own wii's would by this game in a second. And just so you know where Im coming from, I think its a huge risk this day and age for a company to make a new ip thats exclusive to ANY system (not including in house devs) Theres just so much money that goes into development these days. Its business. Its not impossible, but risky. Thats why the number one game in that link (which i personally dont care for) is Call of Duty a multiplatform game

n4f2366d ago

you want to play it then buy a wii. you dont want to play it cause it not on ps3 then be quiet.
please dont refer yourself as a gamer.

VileAndVicious2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

"you dont want to play it cause it not on ps3 then be quiet."

Wow thanks guy..because thats exactly what I said, And I see reading is one of your stong points. As I recall Ive said nothing but positive things about the game.

And no thank you, I will not be purchasing a wii for this one game that Im interested in I didnt know that thats what gamers did? Thank you for that bit of incite. I will cherish it =).


Mario Stikers was awesome. And you are right there are a few games that were not directly produced by nintendo that did very well (some you left out Metroid Prime, and even the newer Metroid Alter M) But those games use an establish brand such as "Mario fill in the blank here" or Resident evil. And I had no idea that Nintendo put money into this project, that explains the exclusivity.

As I say I really hope this game does well and I really wish I could support it as Im a huge fan of Sakaguchi and his work. And thank you Na-no-nai for being sensible (bubbles) as some here seem to think Im actually attacking the game for some reason when what Ive been typing here is nothing but admiration for the game. Im actually envious that you guys get to play it and Ill be missing out on this one.

n4f2365d ago

well i guess you can't read the part ''be quiet''

na-no-nai2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

Nintendo help fund the game as it is a Nintendo exclusive; it would not go to any other console not relating to Nintendo

Also there are plenty of games not developed by Nintendo that done well. Looking at Monster Hunter Tri and Resident Evil 4. And games like Mario Party (Hudson Soft) and Mario Strikers (Next Level Game) are not made by Nintendo themselves personally also done well.

LX-General-Kaos2366d ago

For there to be a Last Story 2.. This game needs all the support it can get. We must show these devs that there is still hope for great gaming. That the west is not just good for 1st person shooters and military games. This is the only way we can bring the good old days back. Exclusively on the Nintendo Wii.

lashes2ashes2366d ago

Ummm the west makes a lot of great games that aren't first person shooters or have anything to do with the military. You sound like a fan boy.

TheColbertinator2366d ago

Yes the west also makes third person shooters,open world shooters and shooters with RPG elements.

LX-General-Kaos2366d ago

@Lashes.. Dont sit around here with an attitude pretending you dont know what im talking about.

There IS a reason we had to fight for this game to come to the states. You sound like you need to do some research.

tiffac0082366d ago

I'm definitely getting this game.

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