Why the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is Making me Queasy

Pixels or Death's Patrick Lindsey discusses the new multiplayer mode from the Mass Effect 3 demo, and why he's afraid that its addition may clash with a story-driven franchise:

"...multiplayer experiences are, by definition, affairs that necessitate focus on the micro instead of the macro. They require the setting, the world of the game to melt away as more than a backdrop or modicums of tactical datum...In other words, multiplayer experiences stand up and scream “GAME!” in the face of the sublime evoked by a game like Mass Effect."

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zgoldenlionz2489d ago

Lol if multiplayer screams GAME! I suggest keeping it separate experience I wouldn't jump between story and multiplayer if it's going to ruin someone's imersion. I personally will be ok.

Lord_Sloth2489d ago

Because you're just running in a circle for the duration of the match shooting enemies when it would have been better if you were a squad that had their own story?

Captain Qwark 92489d ago

i love mass effect more than most, hell i beat the first 5 times. with that in mind, this guy takes mass effect way to seriously, no matter how immersive the world is or isnt, its still a game. and knowing that, i would much rather have an awesome and fun multiplayer tacked on to extend the value of the game then to not have it even if the multiplayer is just an improved version of an existing mode in another game.

at first i was skeptical about the mp too but only if it effected my sp experience and since this is not only isolated from the sp but a lot of fun too, there is no reason to complain.

m232489d ago

He says it himself, the multiplayer is fun. I hate when people try to over-complicate things for no reason at all. Games are there to make you have a good time, the multiplayer achieves that, and this is only a demo.

Kaos_Vll2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

I'll never understand when people complain about something they don't even have to partake in. I've played both ME1 and ME2 countless times, but there is only so many times you can replay the SP while this OPTIONAL game mode can extend the life of the game and bring the ME community even closer.
Shame it will be a while before I own this.