New Blizzard game 'to be free-to-play'

Blizzard Entertainment is the next major games studio to embrace free-to-play and will apply the model in an upcoming, as yet unannounced game, Develop understands.

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Mikeyy2486d ago

Umm, so is it free to play until I pay $15 a month to access 90% of the content?

Or are you going to nickel and dime me here and there and weasel $200 a month out of our pockets.

I can see it now. New 2h sword drops, costs $1.00. Queue up for 5 man dungeon, Costs $7.99 to access. Guild charter, $29.99.

negroguy2486d ago

Most likely your latter. They can probably get more money a month through a nickel and dime approach.

GraveLord2486d ago

Doubt it.
People will pay to play any Blizzard game...

Drake1172486d ago

BS Blizzard/Activision will never hold back when it comes to milking ppls money.