War Gets Nasty - Blu-ray Official Site Hacked

Format War Central writes:

"The format war got a little nastier today. It appears that HD DVD supporters have hacked the official BDA site so that it now shows the HD DVD PRG site instead.

Personally I think that stooping to this level is pretty shameful - none the less I guess it demonstrates how strongly some folk feel about this whole deal."

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UnblessedSoul3806d ago

It's a desperate attempt, bluray will win soon enough

crazy250003806d ago

its a shame they gotta go that low

TANOD3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )


MS tards are desperate now


HD DVD is Toshiba's format but they are being financed by MS since if BD wins then X360 with its HD DVD /DVD support will become totally obsolete

MS has a history of doing dirty things

Mr Marbles3806d ago

HD DVD is Toshiba's baby, this has nothing to do with MS!

gamesR4fun3806d ago

cant see anyone doing this cause their a hd dvd 'fan'

imo Toshiba or someone at m$ set it up

Lord_Mike3806d ago

Wow this is pretty sad. I mean Sony didn't force them to buy HD-DVD players, so why all the hate? If they hate, they should have hate on themselves for giving in on that $99 HD-DVD player ordeal.


wow, theres alot of negative stuff going on in this all point to the same company. thats pretty lame.

drewdrakes3806d ago

As if sony hasnt done dirtier THEMSELVES. Ahem, rootkits.


ur right drew that was dirty.

does it compare to everything happening in this generation of consoles though? honestly ask yourself that question.

is it on the same level??

PimpHandHappy3806d ago

the continuation of the MS viral marketing IMO

shows the level there fan base will stoop just like the company some of most them support

sanderFVCKINcohen3805d ago

Blu Ray Limits the Freedom and thats why greedy corporations support Blu Ray.


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gamesblow3806d ago

Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures... And lets face it... The hd-dvd crowd is pretty damn desperate right now.

MrSwede3806d ago

It's back in business now :)

Jdash243806d ago

The official website of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has been hacked and is now directing traffic to the website of a not-so-perfect competitor. Do not be alarmed by this act of cyber-terrorism; the BDA is just fine. Until the problem gets resolved, please refrain from visiting that site.

hardmetal3806d ago

Officially, The Look and Sound of Blu-ray winning the war.