Xbox Durango: Top 10 Launch Games… We Want

360 Magazine: With the Xbox 720 potentially codenamed the Durango, we run down the top 10 launch games we’d love to play on our new Next-box

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DaveX3602158d ago

PGR deserves to make a comeback, with Turn 110 at the helm. Word.

Dailynch2158d ago

Turn 110? Now that would be awesome!!! Also all of these a correct... apart from Kameo, no one wants another Rare game like that!

Biglet2158d ago

I don't see Medal Of Duty: Modern War Ops Fighter in that list.

PetitPiPi2158d ago

Give me Fallout 4 and i'll be happy for quite some time.

IM_KINECTED2158d ago

There were rumors that PGR5 was being worked on last year, but it makes sense to hold off on saying anything about it because you don't want to compete against yourself, with Forza 4 coming out last year it's easy to see why they haven't said anything yet.

I loved Kameo and the Xbox 360 is seriously lacking in platform games, I'd enjoy a sequel very much so.

shaun mcwayne2158d ago

Left 4 dead 3! I would buy the console day one if it was a launch title.

jmac532158d ago

Half life episode 3 has been left for dead. Maybe next generation.

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