Off my mind: Multiple Endings in Games

Player Affinity's Joe Button writes: Before I begin, I must stress that this article will contain ending spoilers for The Darkness 2 and inFamous 2, because I’m going to be discussing the endings for each game. By choosing these games I don’t mean to say that they are the perfect examples of what I’m about to discuss, but they are certainly the two most recent for me.

Now the biggest difference between these two games is that inFamous 2 wears its dual story on its sleeve, just like in the first game, you can either be Cole the hero, or Cole the mighty electric supercharged asshole. However, in The Darkness 2, the dual ending choice comes as a surprise and you don’t even know that it’s the end until the credits roll. This does highlight one of the biggest problems when it comes to its story and the decisions the player must make, the games pauses and throws a “press button A to do this, and button B to do this”. This certainly has a more severe affect on some people more than others, it doesn’t bother me too much, but the first inFamous game allowed you to make your decisions through gameplay, which made you fell far more involved the story and emphasized the consequences.

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