4 Free, New Maps added for PS3 UT3!

Downloadable now, 4 new maps available for download now, free of charge.

"Here is how to install UT3 mods on your PlayStation 3.

1. Unzip the file to the root directory of any memory card that is readable by your PlayStation 3. It is already in the proper directory structure but, just in case, the path and filename need to be: ps3\savedata\blus30086-modimport\userdata.jam

2. Boot up Unreal Tournament 3 on your PS3

3. Go to the "Community" menu

4. Choose "My Content"

5. Press the [SQUARE] button to "Import Mod"

6. Follow the directions on the screen to import it from your memory device."

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crazy250003805d ago

they have pictures of them and look sooo badass

yall should try these out

Winter47th3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Couldn't agree more, and this's just a taste of all the great things to come.

What's it been, two weeks ? and we've got 4 new maps for free !

Kudos to Epic and for the good people behind those maps.


dammmmmmmmmn this is awesome, they should add more weapons though

aceman73805d ago

New weapons take weeks to make.

Winter47th3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Plus that would totally screw up the already perfect balancing in the game IMO.

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DarkSniper3805d ago

PLAYSTATION 3® is the exclusive open sourced platform that supports those who wish to make modifications for Unreal Tournament III. Expect an official announcement from Epic games for the XBOX 360 version to be cancelled.

Dark Sniper believes that a cancellation of the 360 version is ineviatble. The reason being is because Epic does not want to adhere to Microsoft's terms of slavery and punishing those who purchase UTIII and an XBOX 360 by paying for user created content.

Epic has taken a drastic step in the right direction by unifying the console community and the PC community. XBOX is not included in this step foward to a better gaming realm for all.


ravinash3805d ago

But be careful you don't end up sounding like our old friend Zhuk.
And why do you keep referring to your self in the 3rd person?

jiggyjay3805d ago

You know your comment became irrelevant when your fellow Sony Fanboys stated complaining about the $8 they had to pay for 1 Warhawk Map!

Polluted3805d ago

Ravinash is right. Talking up the PS3 is great, but we don't need to slam the 360 at the same time. Guys like Zhuk and The Mart do that. I suppose I'm guilty of it too, but only when certain xbots are really getting on my nerves. to try the new maps. See y'all online.

PSN: zollner13.

LinuxGuru3805d ago

Although his statement is rather Zhuk-ish...

Microsoft loves their licensed product, and I wouldn't doubt it for a second that Epic would cancel the 360 version for those reasons.

I already see European potential buyers frothing at the mouth because of all the user-created content that will already be available the day they buy it.

I just can't see Microsoft bending over backwards for Epic, and if they choose to not do so....

bye bye 360 version!

Also, the "one warhawk map" is not just that. It's an expansion to the game, adding new strategy to the gameplay.

- It adds FIVE new map layouts to the game.

- It adds a new 7-man dropship

- all maps have been modified to allow the usage of the dropship

This being unlike Unreal Tournament, where it's just new maps and mods....not completely new content that's built from scratch and put into the game.

I'm glad to pay 8 bucks for the Warhawk expansion.

Considering you just received a crapload more replay value AND a completely new approach to strategy within the game's worth it.

pwnsause3805d ago

Talking in 3rd Person is Epic, just like The Rock

shrimpboat3805d ago

Polluted is right. I think I will stop slamming the 360, but i will still talk $hit on zhuk and the Mart. They are the worst thing on this site.

DethWish3805d ago


Mods can actually change all what you said there using the Kismet scripting.


and they all sucked! Gears of War was Fun for a minute and looked great but i have no interest in an Unreal Tourney shooter, Run N' gun!!All of your skill is in your jump, Gay!! So, please keep this game off of the 360 as we only care for the visceral shooters. But at least you PS3 guys got a game to your liking, congrats!!

mavent3804d ago

I'm not sure you know what "visceral" means

dantesparda3804d ago

That's exactly what UT3 is! It's to fast paced to think and reason a plan, you just gotta act from the gut from what your instincts are telling you to do right there and then. You dont even know what "visceral" means


1. instinctual: proceeding from instinct rather than from reasoned thinking

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aaquib53805d ago

4 maps in under 2 weeks of release?! Great job Epic, and mod makers! These maps aren't your average maps, either. They are better than a lot of the maps included on the disc. High quality, really large, great visually.

$8 for 1 Warhawk Map? 800 MS points($10) for 3 Halo 3 maps?

How about $0 for 4 UT3 maps?!

Kleptic3804d ago

dude...this is why a lot of us have been so excited about this type of UGC coming to a console...there is nothing close to it...

most console users only related add-on content with payments required by XBL (and more recently paying on PSN for additional maps)...but PC gamers were used to maps every few weeks...and always for free...

within the next few months there will most likely be well over 200 hundred maps available...probably at least 20 full featured modifications/mutators...and 3 or 4 completely different games altogether...

not every map will be are guaranteed quantity with UGC like this...but not so much on quality...check the Epic website often, most of the really impressive stuff always gets official plugs from Epic...and the forums are great for sifting through whats worth downloading...but 4 maps in a week?...that is nothing...there will be hundreds once that mod tool is patched...

Tranz3804d ago

these maps are not created by EPIC, they are user created... so why would EPIC charge for them? Maybe if they made the map... I played them all... they are nice... not bad for user stuff... but when you play an official map the quality difference is HUGE...

THIS IS A MOD...thats why its free... so don't get too excited

Kleptic3803d ago

Epic already has official maps in the pipes for the PC and I would assume will cook them for the PS3 also...of which Rein confirmed they will not charge for...

One of the biggest factors in this Epic vs. MS mess with UGC was MS requiring the charge for the Gears map packs...Rein was openly criticising that decision, and apparently wanted to let it known that Epic was not collecting any of that charge...

in either case...Epic didn't make these maps...they only cooked them for the PS3...I have played all of these on the PC already...and I wouldn't say the quality difference as "huge"...but there are some texture coats in areas that clash with each other and the always though its the weapon spawns that usually fail the most...user maps end up that way often, its difficult to balance weapon spawns with vantage points and character spawns I guess...

Marceles3805d ago

Very nice, now UT3 replayability has just risen alot for me

DethWish3805d ago

That's the thing about UT... The hundreds of mods and thousands of maps that will be released for it will increase it's lifespan for years.

Blackmoses3805d ago

I knew I shoould have picked this game up while I was finishing up my christmas shopping today. Looked right at it....did nothing!