Sony Doesn't Want Your Money

OXM US Online writes:

"Well, here's an interesting one. Every issue, OXM reviews at least one HDTV - as more and more gamers get HD-capable consoles, we know they also face a big decision: finding an HDTV to match. Stroll into any retailer and you'll quickly be overwhelmed. Naturally, we figure if we can review a set each issue, we can keep people up-to-date and make that choice a little easier."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3775d ago

Is that like Official XBOX Magazine?

pswi603775d ago

if you want to know what TV to buy, walk into best buy and look for yourself.

or if your a 360 owner you could just wait till M$ makes a HDTV (running Windows XP embedded, of course)

MADGameR3775d ago

As much as I love their PlayStation products, I think thats BS. ALL companies want money! They NEED profits in order to grow as a company.

lessthanmarcus3774d ago

Wish I could say the same for Microsoft.

Seraphim3774d ago

the Bravia name speaks for itself. I think that Sony already knows it's consumers are aware of how great they are, and if anyone wants to research HDTVs there's better sources [C-Net, and Consumer Reports just to name a couple] than a gaming magazine to do so. So why give OXM a free tv to test and rate? Last year a gaming mag ran a similar HDTV review page and I laughed at it. Not only was it one of the biggest wastes I've seen in a mag but the reviews weren't good at all. Which brings me back to this. If someone wants to research a HDTV there are better sources out there. But at the end of the day nothing beats going to the store and looking at the tv in person...

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Silver3603775d ago

Sony is rough. That is funny. I like the loyalty though.

BrianC62343775d ago

This story is bull. Sony as a company isn't doing this. A couple weeks ago Sony's music division signed a deal with Microsoft to provide music videos I believe on their system for Xbox Live. And Sony owns the Ghostbusters property yet that game will be on the PS3 and 360. If this story was really true don't you think Sony would tell BMG they can't make that deal and Sony Pictures would only allow Ghostbusters on the PS3?

Omegasyde3775d ago

Either that or Sony didn't want to risk OXM to badmouth their sets in their crituque.

After All Microsoft sponsered people to protest against Sony when the PS3 came out in Europe.

Microsoft=Dirty tactics. Heck, look at the Zune 2 or How Window's and Dos came to be...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3775d ago

Sony is starting to act like it's fans (big whiny babies) You see Sony's phones in OXM, I guess Sony just wants to throw a fit. Oh well, let em. I'm an Xbot and I still buy Sony products, I have a Sony 6.1.

cloud360-7th_account3775d ago

Everyone has a life. don let the war get in the way of what you buy. er, i dunno. actually i dont have any MS products other than my PC OS. do they even sell anything MS

kornbeaner3775d ago

will you ever see Pepsi in a Coke can? Ford make a Chevy Car? better yet will you ever see a Windows OS on a Playstation product?

The answer is no. If OXM were owned by Microsoft, I'm pretty sure you would never see any Sony TVs being reviewed. It's not that the companies are whiny babies thats just the price of competition. You'll never see Bugerking and Micky D's hold hands so why would you expect any other company like MS or Sony to give the impression that everything is Peace between them when thats so far from the truth.

gogators3775d ago

you might just see Ford making a Chevy someday. At least maybe. As for OXM wanting to review a Sony TV, well OXM is dedicated to the 360; but it isn't associated with MS in any way. I like their TV reviews. Though I am set until I get my Denon 5308ci AVR this spring, OXM TV reviews as it applies to gaming are actual informative and well done. Still, it's Sony's right to refuse.

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cloud360-7th_account3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

they didn't trust 0XM to give a positive review. they dont care if ther reviews decide which HD TV people buy. so they dotn want ther money. not true. they dont care about MS opionn thats all

razer3774d ago

the million or so readers that read their magazine.. ie the consumer..

It just doesn't sit right with me.. It seems childish on Sony's part.