Retailer now taking God of War IV pre-orders, pins ETA February 2013 date

Retailer opens pre-orders for God of War IV and includes it in a newsletter even though Sony hasn't actually announced the game as of yet.

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SilentNegotiator2484d ago

I hope they take the story out of its tailspin and find a way that Kratos can fully realize what he has done and begin an adventure to atone for what he did.

Baka-akaB2484d ago

Dunno ...Kratos was very much wronged , but still at core as massive a jerk as the gods .

Dont want some washy mushy redemption tale implying he was just being angry and wanna atone .

let me be clearer , he can try healing the world all he wants , but he still needs to be himself .

Rynx2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Now this is one of the aspects of SONY that I'm glad is back, not being able to keep highly anticipated announcements tightly lid. Bring on GOWIV!

I could care less what the story is going to be about and who Kratos is going up against this time. The game is going to be good, every single GOW release was. I think what we all should care about more is exactly the window of the possible PS4 announcement, given the release of this game. GOW 2 come out 5 months AFTER the PS3's launch. To many, GOW 2 was the swan song of the PS2.

GOWIV's release could indicate a lot of things, if we're going by history, there were 2 games on the PS2 into the launch of the PS3. Then there were 2 games on the PSP before the launch of the PS Vita (a year and 3 months in between the last title and Vita's launch). If GOWIV is indeed a PS3 game, then we could expect the launch of the PS4 anywhere in between the release of this game. I personally doubt that we won't see a PS4 in 2014, so if GOW IV comes out in early 2013, it can be safely assumed that the PS4 will come out the same year as well. With the announcement sometime this year. The PS4 announcement being this year is a given too, by both Microsoft AND SONY, to try and kill some hype from the WiiU's launch that's just a simple business tactic.

dorron2484d ago

I don't think it will release so early when it hasn't even been announced officialy.

CGI-Quality2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

It's possible that they could announce it at either GDC 2012 or E3 and have it ready for Feb/Mar 2013 (my guess would be March, since God of War games launch during that month).

One issue I see right now is The Last Of Us. Will they release it this holiday (I doubt it), or release it in Feb with God of War IV for March (like Heavy Rain in Feb 2010 and God of War III in March 2010). With that, The Last Guardian, something from David Cage, and maybe Versus XIII in 2013, they could give the PS3 it's last major release year and announce the PlayStation 4 @ E3 2013. They could then have it ready next holiday or for 2014 (doubt they'd wait that long if the next Xbox is out by holiday 2013).

Ah, the beauty of long term speculation! :D

Fishy Fingers2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

12 months leaves plenty of time for an unveil, at somewhere like E3 it's perfect.

The PS3 has 2 years as Sony lead machine left (roughly of course), there isn't any need to announce games 3 years early anymore.

CGI-Quality2484d ago

Very few PS3 games were announced 3 years early, but I agree there's no need to announce games too far from release this late in the gen.

Daver2484d ago

Its been 2 years since god of war 3 so its very plausible

Garbage_sells_Nyc2484d ago

ahhhhh love it this will be another beast of a game!

mushroomhead2484d ago

well... February 2013 is not soon at all.
Also Sony probably will announce the game soon because there was too many leaks,I don't see why they would try to keep it in secret . It's well known that the game is under development since GOW3...

Kluv2484d ago

I actually hope sony doesn't announce it early, I'm tired of E3's being spoiled. I want everything announced there!

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