GAME Drops The Last Story All Together

GAME Group will not stock Nintendo's biggest Wii game of 2012, The Last Story.

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Thepcz2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

time to close up shop i think

TotalHitman2370d ago

That's going to hurt the game massively.

Instigator2370d ago

Oh, well. It's not as bad as Xenobladde being a Gamestop exclusiv in NA. Those who want it will get it anyway.

LightofDarkness2370d ago

Not a big deal, Wii gamers rarely buy such titles (core gamers have by and large moved on) or even know that they exist (casuals).

It's a pity that arguably the two greatest JRPGs of this generation came out for the Wii, the console with the lowest "core" gamer demographic.

Main_Street_Saint2367d ago

I do own a Wii and I do buy such games! I know you like to 'think' you know what Wii owners like and all but I can see you actually don't.

Apocwhen2370d ago

Are GAME and Gamestation the same company?

I'm a bit worried that GAME will not honour The Witcher 2 Dark Edition bundles when it comes to April, and there are no other UK providers of it yet.

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