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Skyrim Co-Op vs. Multiplayer DLC

InEnt writes: When faced with the question if Skyrim fans would rather a Co-Op or Multiplayer DLC it’s easy to see that one is favored more than the other, but why is this? The idea of playing against another fan doesn’t seem to interest certain gamers, as they would much rather play with themselves although that’s not saying other players are not in favor of the former – although they are not as vocal about it. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

danswayuk  +   1164d ago
I love the idea of Skyrim Co-Op, although I do get why some people hate the idea of multiplayer.
Solid_Snake37  +   1164d ago
if they somehow release a Co-Op dlc, they should make monsters more challenging to kill D&D style co op
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Lazy_Sunday  +   1164d ago
Trey, you have it backwards. The PS3 has the less stable servers, it's only equal for the PS3 and 360 when it's developed for the PS3 first, since the technology is more difficult to code, it makes it easy to port to the 360. When it's developed for the 360, the translation process is too complex, and it leaves a lot of room for bugs.

Just so you know though, Skyrim may have actually been more successful and much less buggy on the PS3 if it was the lead development platform for consoles, due to it's superior CPU power, which takes an equal and almost more substantial role in playing Skyrim on the PC. The 360 relies more heavily on it's GPU to do a lot of Skyrim, and the 360's GPU still isn't very strong. You can play the game on a 256MB DDR3 mobile Nvidia GPU, using ultra settings with shadows on medium. It will keep a substantial framerate around 35-40FPS at 720p that seldom drops, but without a good CPU it will hit 20-25FPS after about an hour of exhaustion. These are much more performance heavy than the PS3 settings, but the PS3 version of the game--as it still stands--runs slower than it does on my Macbook Air, and I see that as a genuine problem.
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Tonester925  +   1164d ago
Why not have Couch Co-op and Online multiplayer?
NeoTribe  +   1164d ago
Couch coop would not be possible on consoles. Consoles can't handle it.
DA_SHREDDER  +   1164d ago
Coop is the only thing this game is missing. Not being able to share epic moments, even the smallest ones, is a loss to all gamers. It's not like it could break anything, especially when we can already have NPC's who follow you.
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danswayuk  +   1164d ago
I could not agree more.
vickers500  +   1164d ago
11 agrees and no disagrees? Wow. I remember saying the exact same thing before the game came out and like 98% of the people in the article disagreed with me and kept replying with the standard "not everything needs multiplayer" and "Skyrim is a single player game, co-op would ruin it" comments.

Guess they changed their minds or something.
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FrightfulActions  +   1164d ago
Skyrim is a huge, huge, huge, huge world. Being able to explore it with a friend as appose to an NPC follower would be incredible. I don't know if it should be paid-for DLC though, something like that should, at least in some way, be free to encourage more people to use it.
BattleTorn  +   1164d ago
If Skyrim was to receive Online Co-op DLC, (which we probably have very little chance of getting) it would most likely go down as one of the largest additions to a game via DLC.

And you want it to be free?
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DanSolo  +   1164d ago
Yeah it's not like it's extra content.... it's something we have taken for granted for years now, and although this gen has been very tight with the co-op it doesn't make it something we should now pay for!

Now a DLC expansion like Oblivion's Shivering Isles is a DLC pack that is fair to pay for!
jrbeerman11  +   1164d ago
free is always better than paid, but why would they go through the trouble? economics 101.
tr00p3r  +   1164d ago
Co op all the way... Make it lag free as well and I'm sold
AllroundGamer  +   1164d ago
am also for Coop, killing the whole Whiterun with a friend will be much easier and more fun (except the important NPCs which you can't kill and only kneel before you :D )
slavish  +   1164d ago
U get a computer co-op player in the game, why not allow that to be a real person!!!!!!!!!!
JsonHenry  +   1164d ago
Laziness and greed is the only reason this game doesn't already have co-op.
danswayuk  +   1164d ago
They said it was not their focus although it's strange considering the amount of players that want something like co-op.
JsonHenry  +   1164d ago
Its also strange given the amount of AI "co-op" that is in the game.
jrbeerman11  +   1164d ago

how many co-op rpgs do you own?!?!?!?!
Nozzle  +   1164d ago
No....for the love of god why do people want co-op in an Elder Scrolls game. It's one of the last few good solid single player games left.

Bethesda have even said themselfs that if they spend their time doing co-op/online for an elder scrolls game it would ruin the single player development.

Do people actually want that just so so they can show off to their friends for a couple of more hours about what armor/weapons they have. Honestly if you want an co-op RPG get Fable 2/3 or Two Worlds.

Jeez I just can't believe people are begging for it to be in the game, the game dosen't need it, it's not like your not enjoying it. Can we please just keep this game as a single player game

Anyway lets admit it, we all know how many bugs are in a Bethesda game....right and these are single player games, imagine what it would be like if they did co-op. You wouldn't just have single player bugs (or more of them since development time would be spilt and less time would be on the single player) but you would have the co-op/online bugs aswell.

Come on guys and least think it through, it's easy enough to want it but would it do the game any good in the long run....no. Anyway people who would want online would probably get bored of it after a few months leaving the single player gamers with an even buggier game
Hufandpuf  +   1164d ago
who cares!? the game is out, people bought it, and if they're willing to pay for Co-Op, LET THEM PAY FOR CO-OP. You don't have to buy or install it...you already have the game.
danswayuk  +   1164d ago
If you don't want co-op then that is fine, but considering the game is out and if this is a paid option then why should we not be able to have some official DLC that lets us connect with friends and family.
BattleTorn  +   1164d ago
In what why would Co-op ruining Skyrim? (as it exist now)

I could see people saying this during developement, cause one might worry an online component would distract attention from the SP.

But as of now, Skyrim's SP is as complete as can be. An addition couldn't possibly spoil that.
Drake117  +   1164d ago
I agree that co-op would b a cool addition after development and release but not during.
Ch1d0r1  +   1164d ago
The real Dark Souls starts here.

Do both. And please include all the bugs and the most lag possible. Those are things we expect for you Bethesda.

Don't disappoint!
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Dlacy13g  +   1164d ago
Skyrim combat isn't good enough to support a PVP situation but it will work well enough for Co-op IMO.
digitalkid  +   1164d ago
Oh, please don't do that! Thank god bethesda never listens to anyone.))
Derpy  +   1164d ago
I'm more interested in seeing these extension like addons that they have been talking about. I wouldn't be wasting my money on any multi-player dlc if they did put one out. There are plenty of multi player games out there already and one of the things that I really like about Skyrim is that it is a single player game.
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BitbyDeath  +   1164d ago
The problem with co-op in Elder Scrolls is if you play against someone who is 10 or more levels than you it will become a problem for enemy levels, do they become as tough as you or weak as your co-op partner or do they go in between?

Balancing issues would not be easy.
Darukain  +   1164d ago
The main problem I see in CO-op is that the main character doesn't have a voice so you can never know what the partner says to the npcs
kraze07  +   1164d ago
Imo there aren't enough enemies running around for co-op. The difficulty and/or the number of enemies would have to be increased to keep the fun-factor balanced out.
ChocoboPokeball  +   1162d ago
No. This is not wow nor darksouls. This is skyrim, if you want to play a co-op/multiplayer game go play darksouls great game, and stop begging for something amazing at is to change. The elder scrolls are single player games.
illmaticx  +   1158d ago
The thing about us and going and playing darksouls is that it's not SKYRIM that's why we are asking for co-op for SKYRIM. So people that are saying go play another co-op game, there are no other games like skyrim with co-op and it won't even effect the people that are wanting skyrim to only be a single player game so just don't buy it if you don't like it.
TronEOL  +   1160d ago
I'd love for Skyrim to get some Co-op. I think most games need this feature as everyone wants to be more social nowadays. Plus, I also feel having Co-op would give people more of a reason to buy specific games.

Single Player is fun, but it gets boring after a while. Especially when you are trying to get through all the side-quests, and main quests of a game. Doing that with a friend or three would make an already fun game tons of fun.

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