Portables, not home consoles, will dominate next-gen, says Yakuza creator

Yakuza and Binary Domain creator Toshihiro Nagoshi sees next-gen consoles holding a smaller market share than PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii managed, as portable and PC gaming take centre stage.

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dirigiblebill2250d ago

Mobile and portable will continue to grow, yes, but I don't see the home format market going anywhere. The cake will get bigger - Xbox 720 and PS4 will just have a smaller slice.

darthv722250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

we will see a convergence. a unit that is both portable and console. When plugged into a cradle that is connected to a tv it acts as the console with hd output.

Pop it off the cradle and it is a portable. we have seen this tried before but technology has greatly improved since the nomad days.

edit: fluffy, I was bummed when they said the vita wouldnt have tv out. i can understand if they did it to cut costs but when the prior psp (2k/3k/go) had it and it seems to be the thing for tablets and phones then why not the vita.

I could see them having a unit with video out to upscale to 720p (at least) and bluetooth ds3 support. hell, with the camera built in it would be great if it supported move as well.

oh well...i wont wait around in getting a vita for that to happen but i wouldnt mind getting another one if it did.

Oh, one other thing. I notice the vita connector is similar to the go's. If anyone has both, will the go power cable work with the vita and vice versa? Since i already have a go it would be nice to be able to use its power cable if need be. You can always use a spare.

fluffydelusions2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Speaking of which. PSV has a mystery connector at the top, hopefully TV output...

LX-General-Kaos2250d ago

I actually believe the man. When people from sega and nintendo speak I listen. Judging by the success of the nintendo 3DS and the next gen look of the PS Vita, he seems to be correct. Most of the games that old school gamers like me appreciate are now hand held exclusive. Take a minute and think about it. One day I believe hand helds will get to a point where they are completely dominant. Consoles will still be played but hand helds will takeover

Dno2250d ago

He means in japan m sure. Consoles so well everywhere besides there.

Brosy2250d ago

This guy is obviously referring to Japan. I wouldn't ever trade my home console for a handheld.

GameOn2250d ago

Well I guess he shouldnt have mentioned the 360 then

DA_SHREDDER2250d ago

but what if your console could also be a handheld? If you don't wanna unplug it from the tv so be it, but stop kidding yourself, you know damn well you would carry your portable console everywhere you go. I know I would. The only thing that's killing the Vita for me right now is the lack of R2 L2 and L3 and R3 buttons. I know you can use the touch screens but it just isn't the same. Been using dual shocks since they been around.

Knight_Cid2250d ago

Worldwide it already happened

psp - 80 mil
ds - 150 mil

outsold all consoles combined 3-1, with 1 less system

The 3ds was number 1 worldwide in 2011

he isnt far off on that part

gaming only on pc and phone? now hes insane

GraveLord2250d ago

True. it already happened and the gap will probably increase this gen between consoles and portable sales.

LX-General-Kaos2250d ago

Im glad someone here understands the truth. Things will only get crazier down the line as these portables evolve. People just like to have mobile entertainment now, and thats the way it is.

The Nintendo DS proves that as its the only console to hit PS2 numbers. Almost certain to be followed by the 3DS through its lifetime.

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