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Battlefield 3: Confirmed Fixes and tweaks so far

Battlefield 3 Battlelog writes: "We would like to share some of the confirmed fixes and tweaks that we have been working on to the Community. Note that this is still not a full update list and there will be more information on this as we go forward. Also please remember that the content in this list might be changed but of course, we will also keep you in the loop about this. While there still is no ETA on the patch, we´re still working on improving online gameplay for all of our dear community members. So far, this list is for all three platforms (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC)" (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Hufandpuf  +   937d ago
Geez that's a big list. No wonder why it's taking so long, the game might not be the same after this enormous patch. Just call it BF3 1.5 i guess.
DoomeDx  +   937d ago
I agree. Great stuff!
Only problem is though, dice is known for accidently adding new bugs in every patch..
Hufandpuf  +   937d ago
"dice is known for accidently adding new bugs in every patch.."

How so? The patches for BFBC2 and previous installments were pretty good.
AllroundGamer  +   937d ago
lol so true :D
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Ducky  +   937d ago

When they patched the hitreg fix to BC2 (around last Winter before Vietnam) they managed to break tracers on bullets.

That's just the nature of games these days. When there's so much code, it's kind of difficult to make a lot of changes without inadvertently screwing something else up.
dark-hollow  +   937d ago
What the hell dice?
Its Like a different game every month with all those nerfing.

Am all for fixing bugs but about the weapon balance just get it done and leave it.
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Ducky  +   937d ago
... why leave it?

It isn't exactly uncommon practice for DICE to play around with the balancing of weapons for some time after release.
If they just leave it, then the game naturally devolves into everyone using the same OP weapons all the time.
Pandamobile  +   936d ago
Weapon balancing is always changing.

TF2 it still getting balancing patches 5 years after release.
Tonester925  +   937d ago
My smile IMMEDIATELY turned into a frown when they said its only confirmed for PC as of now and no release date yet lol
ThichQuangDuck  +   937d ago
fall damage, but yeah this is gigantic patch. Seems like it will completely change gameplay for the better hopefully we will get a DLC announcement with it so I can reward them for their work.
ExCest  +   937d ago

and make all the bad guns better
Funky Town_TX  +   937d ago
USAS needs to get fixed
Getting shot from 200-300 yards away sucks. I still suck at the game eitherway, but overall the game is a blast.
Spitfire_Riggz  +   937d ago
All automatic and pump action shotguns are getting max distance reduced to 15 meters!!! YAY
BeaArthur  +   937d ago
The USAS needs a smaller clip, that's the real issue. I think it's like 8 without the extended mags. The gun takes zero skill.
Solid_Snake37  +   937d ago
Holy crap... They are fixing so much stuff! Bf3 online is now on another level from the Beta
trenso1  +   937d ago
Great list! Can't wait for these fixes to come to console.
sovietsoldier  +   937d ago
they have really out done them self on this patch, cant wait for it.
BraveToaster  +   937d ago
No release date means it will come out in 3 months
Grimhammer00  +   937d ago
Praising a game that NEEDS this much patching?
beastlysensation  +   937d ago
hahaha, am pretty sure COD needs a lot more fixing, since you know, after almost 2 years blops is still unplayable on PC and now mw3 is nothing better. Ya, at least they balance the game out, unlike you COD knife like a bitch and run like a whore mode.
LightofDarkness  +   937d ago
So true, I hate that in COD.

"I've just been shot 3 times by a high powered rifle, I'm going to run away and hide for 3 seconds until I'm all better."

Three seconds later...

"OH NO, I'VE BEEN STABBED KIND OF!!" (instant death)
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BeaArthur  +   937d ago
Even more pathetic is that they make the same damn game every year and each one still requires 10+ patches.
Oschino1907  +   937d ago
Well nice to know your another know nothing that blindly hates a game and uses it to justify the horrid state in which his preffered game of choice was released.... BFBC2 was never even fully fixed, still has problems and many issues but they stopped support less then year after it released to work on BF3. Now BF3 has even more problems out of the box and taking even longer to adress them. I just hope next time around they do things right and make a playable game without glaring issues on release.

COD is very playable and MW3 specifically has only had minor things tweaked as there are no major problems with the game that totally ruin its playability unless you are a team of random scrubs against a skilled group of people trying to be dicks and exploit spawns.

Just amazing though when anytime someone says something negative about BF instead of rebutting and defending your game you go off topic and attempt to trash another game. Really shows the conifidence some players have in their game of choice that they refuse to accept its faults and instead bury their heads in the sand while muttering about irrelevant things.

Oh and seriously please, BF3 is more balanced then MW3?!?!?! MW3 is easily the most balanced and polished COD out of the box while BF3 is easily the worst balanced BF from the start that I have ever seen or played. MW3 finally got things right, how MW2 should have been but BF3 added more problems then it fixed compared to previous games. Thinking you can balance the huge array of factors in BF3 better then the many but much less factors in MW3 just shows blind fanboyism and failure to be objective and logical when comming to your conclusions.
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BraveToaster  +   937d ago
I thought you were serious up until
"MW3 is easily the most balanced and polished COD out of the box"
Then I realized you're a troll
orange-skittle  +   936d ago
Only in CoD a knife is more powerful than a gun. You lunge from 10ft away. At least in BF3 your team member can interrupt a melee kill and save you
MysticStrummer  +   937d ago
Bugs are in fashion now apparently. Bethesda's incredibly buggy game was named Game of the Year and they were named Developer of the Year. Weird I know.
AllroundGamer  +   937d ago
quantity over quality... now where are the ugly chicks? i need like 10 of them :)
Majin-vegeta  +   937d ago
Are they ever gonna fix where it looks that im shooting with my hands instead of one of the B2k weapons on the B2K maps??I forgot what the weapon was called.
suicidalblues  +   937d ago
I think they have, haven't had it happen in a couple weeks.

It was the new semi-auto sniper and LMG, btw.
WillGuitarGuy  +   937d ago
Not yet actually. It happened to me yesterday.
RememberThe357  +   936d ago
I think it's the achievement weapons on the B2K maps that sometimes have that issue. And it's not fixed yet, it also happened to me yesterday.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   937d ago
They are the QBB-95 light machine and the QBU-88 sniper rifle (Which I nicknamed the Liu Buu)....
TKCMuzzer  +   937d ago
All those 'MAV riding do nothing to help their team mates snipers' will be crying themselves to sleep. Time to play like men guys.
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BeaArthur  +   937d ago
Garbage players will always find a way to be cheap.
TKCMuzzer  +   937d ago
Ah, someone who disagrees......wonder what class you use ;)
Mrmagnumman357  +   937d ago
Thank you dice, they finally fixed this "The G3A3 was clearly outclassed at all ranges." They added damage
FunkMacNasty  +   937d ago
I play BF3 on 360, but this list mentions tweaks to the A-10. there are no A-10's in the game on consoles, so are they on PC maps only? Or did Dice just hint at an upcoming DLC vehicle? Given all the tanks and armored APC's I've been wondering why theres no A-10..

I wish they would re-buff the IRNV scope to where it was before they nerfed it in the last patch.. It's absolutely useless now unless your at close range, in which case you'd be better off with a Kobra red-dot or Holographic sight.. The IRNV is now basically a staticky green, nearly opaque 4x scope with extremely limited applications. Too bad because it was really useful on maps like Kharg Island and Caspian border where theres always a squad full of snipers hiding in treelines and mountaintops..
SITH  +   937d ago
There are A-10s on the console!


a-10 at 12:00 and 24:00 clearly visible in the distance.
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FunkMacNasty  +   937d ago
Ahh.. well maybe it's only available in Rush?? About 90% of the time Ive put into BF3 was spent playing Conquest anyway.. I almost never play Rush or deathmatch, so I'll have to go back and play some Rush on Caspian!! I want me some sweet A-10 action!!

Wow, crazy.. I picked up this game on it's release date back in october and I haven't put it down since.. its been my go to online MP game. Can't believe I never noticed A-10's!! I feel like a noob! XD lol
Elwenil  +   937d ago
I thought the A10 was on the console version of Rush on Caspian Border?
PixL  +   936d ago
phantomexe  +   937d ago
I'm glad they are fixing the MAV crap.I spend most of my time on recon and i have never used it as a weapon or to lift me up to higher levs. It was cheating and it was getting bad. Happy with most of the changes there a few that i'm kind of asking myself why but all good. My K/D is 1.01
DoomeDx  +   937d ago
Lol @ the random ''Oh my K/D is..'' at the end of the comment
cyborg6971  +   936d ago
That's a pretty low kdr for "mostly" playing recon. Unless of course your playing the objectives the whole match. If that's the case I say good show sir.
phantomexe  +   936d ago
It took me around 1,500 deaths before i started ending up with more kills then deaths per match. I've never been a big mutiplayer kind of guy but damn i love BF3 online alot. I know it's not the best K/D but hey i'm kind of proud of finally haveing more kills then deaths. It took me since release and i do CO most of the time.
sovietsoldier  +   937d ago
1 thing i wish dice would do is add a10s and su25 to some conquest maps like Caspian sea.
sovietsoldier  +   937d ago
if your going to disagree at least tell why not just troll the disagree button.
BraveToaster  +   937d ago
Why would you expect people on the internet to not act like retarded 8 year old kids?
Legion  +   936d ago
I disagreed here due to your complaining about disagrees. Other people might disagree with your top post because they don't want to see A10 or SU25 on conquest maps like caspian sea? It's not like you gave a reason why you wanted to see them. Get over it.
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sovietsoldier  +   936d ago
the obvious reason is because there are none?
towelie1288  +   937d ago
AWESOME CANT WAIT i see some good changes in the list
very intresting MAV Cheating and jeeps get horns now lol thats cool
leemo19  +   937d ago
Damn that's a huge patch glad they fixed the mav riding killing bs and also that rpgs and smaw do more damage cause shooting at a tank or mbt etc was like shooting a paintball at it.
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   937d ago
And they say they've nailed it? *Sighs*
BeardedPriest  +   937d ago
Wow... Just reading all of these was satisfying. Took me like 15 minutes. We won't see them until like early April on Console though. I'm happy to see these. I want some DLC to come along right after these.
Dojan123  +   937d ago
Why wait to do a massive update. The community would have been happier if they did half of the fixes a month ago.
Saryk  +   937d ago
I don’t understand the thought process with making a big ass patch like this. Where I work we do small patches, because we have three to four phases before it hits live/PRD.

IMO it is better to test a small patch than release to PRD 10 different times. Than to test one big patch and release to PRD. Because if a small patch screws up in PRD it can be quickly corrected. But if a big patch screws up in PRD there could be multiple reasons it was incorrect and that can be a headache………….
WillGuitarGuy  +   937d ago
I think DICE believe in quality over quantity.
Holeran  +   937d ago
And the fix for PS3 input lag? We're going on 6 months now.
Psychotica  +   937d ago
Fix the frigging server browser and show how many tickets are left on the games! So tired of joining games that end 2 seconds after I join.
MizTv  +   937d ago
i think the game play's fine on ps3 and i i have like 30 hours and no probs
BaconBits  +   937d ago
Laser guided rockets will be avoided with flares? I will never be able to take down a good pilot now :(
2v1  +   936d ago
whould be funny if this game became boring or too stale after the patch.
Legion  +   936d ago
I am not getting why the claymore is getting patched to disappear after your death? If I die in real life then my claymore would still be there. That would be like your TUGS or Mines disappearing after you die. They are leave it and forget it gadgets. You shouldn't have to replant every device after you die.

I can almost understand the C4 as the remote is with your dead body, but claymores are already set to just being able to have only 2 at any one time... why limit them to being only used to protect your back now while you are alive? I might like to plant and forget them in my spawn point to protect from rushers trying to get at my sniper teammates.
momthemeatloaf  +   936d ago
Just my opinion but Dice is an overrated developer
swishersweets20031  +   936d ago
long as they take care of the shotgun spamming i'll be happy. Its getting worse as days go by. tired of facing whole teams of shotguns with frag rounds during rush mode. Trying to get into door ways or hallways that have the Mcom is just impossible. All you see is just boom boom boom booom boom boom boom
jocomat9  +   936d ago
just cause usas 12 is spammed doesn't mean all shottguns are.. .
DiLeCtioN  +   936d ago
Dam Usas gun needs downgrading
Yomaster  +   936d ago
I fucking LOVE BF3, but I'll be surprised if we see this update hit consoles by May. -__-

That being said, that's a HUGE list of fixes/tweaks. Nice. And they finally fixed the PK-A/PKA-S glitch with the M416. Sweet.

How about the bug where the REX's cylinder and the rangefinder to the G/L disappear when using the AEK? Or how about the disappearing crosshairs in TDM? Hopefully they add these to the list...
#29 (Edited 936d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   936d ago
That list is HUGE! I knew after playing the beta, that there was no way this game was close to being ready for release.
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