Q&A: Castlevania's Igarashi Wants Revenge

At the recent E For All Expo, Gamasutra talked with Konami's Castlevania series producer Koji "IGA" Igarashi, who has been working with the franchise since Symphony of the Night, working on the many titles since for PlayStation 2, DS and PSP, and here IGA discusses the seminal franchise's design process, its enduring settings, the 2D style and other key factors that make Castlevania what it is.

Gamasutra: Do you think you'll do another fully 3D Castlevania? God of War seems like the closest to a 3D Castlevania to me.
Koji Igarashi: Yeah, I hate to lose, and it's very frustrating. One thing I definitely want to do is to see the franchise realized in 3D.

Gamasutra: To take revenge?
Koji Igarashi: Yeah! (laughs)

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