Sony's Vita arrives just as market may be fading

Michael Gartenberg, technology industry analyst at Gartner Inc isn’t expecting a bright future for the recently released handheld gaming device from Sony, the PS Vita.

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tiffac0082368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

The would bankrupt Sony faster than the money being bleed by their TV division... the Vita cost $150 to make, $79 and $99 makes no sense.

zeal0us2368d ago

This guy isn't much of a analyst, any twelve year old could predict this happening at those prices.

darthv722368d ago

then again i can sympathize with them. I mean you have to figure that allot has changed between the time of the PSP and now.

People (especially analysts) have gotten spoiled with the current trend of the does everything tablet/smartphone that it may be hard for them to look back at a dedicated gaming system. To them, if it doesnt let you create word documents and download apps then it has no relevance in today's social oriented on the go society.

Im glad Im not one of those people. I can see the entertainment vale a dedicated unit still provides and will gladly plunk down my $300 to have one.

Lior2368d ago

U mad? Do u know what losses on each unit if they sold it at 99 bucks let alone 79 bucks 250 is a good price but memory cards are out of order for the consumer

coolasj2368d ago

I feel like they would start using PSP's as happy meal toys at that point.

KUV19772368d ago

'If they would give every buyer 300$ instead of taking 300$, the VITA would sell like crazy.' - now give me one one of them crazy payed analyst-jobs.

slavish2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

It would be better for revenue and market share. I am guessing there break even point is higher, but then again, I dont understand why psp isn't this price.

Skateboard2368d ago

The price is fine and I got the 3G and I'm saying that cause it's that hot.

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The story is too old to be commented.