Five PS Vita apps that gamers need asap

Product-Reviews writes: We fired up Facebook just a few hours ago and we were disappointed to see that browsing through the app isn’t as smooth as you would expect and you have to wait for the app to catch up with your commands most of the time. Photos take forever to load and there isn’t an easy way to sign out of the app either which is bizarre.

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danswayuk2250d ago

I would like Sony to fix their issues first with adding money to the wallet, been getting errors for ages now. Other than that I love the PS Vita and look forward to using these apps.

MrGunny942250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

I hope to see a quick acess to Yahoo mail and Gmail... Also can we get a Comic system going on like in the PSP?

RevXM2250d ago

SKYPE is coming.
And Spotify might be real nice.
But Home? and why would we need a another INSTA message app besides SKYPE?

I think some sort of Calendar and alarm + notices app would bee good. that you can note down things and the vita will remind you, you can check in on your notes and set alarms etc.

VIDZONE and youtube would be great also, but I hope that Sony give the Vita browser a another overhaul so it properly supports HTML5 and gives it flash. and make it less glitchy and slow.

If it had a great browser to begin with it wouldnt need half the apps that it got now.