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PSP games that secretly run on the Vita: all you need is a PS3

Cnet: The PS Vita is a pretty phenomenal piece of hardware that's technically capable of being backwards-compatible with the entire PSP library. (PS Vita, PS3)

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ANIALATOR136  +   1287d ago
I thought there was an update so pretty much all games worked now anyway
Trey_4_life  +   1287d ago
All i know is, as it stands, i'm absolutely delighted with the cutting edge, state of the art technology i have with the vita.

Sony once again pushing the limits and leading the industry with it's innovation, so if they can make all groundbreaking psp titles play on the vita then i will be overly impressed.
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darthv72  +   1287d ago
until i get my own....
can anyone verify if the psp versions of lbp and mnr and stardust portable work on the vita using this method?

I received lbp and mnr as part of the "welcome back" program they did when they were giving away 2 psp games and 2 ps3 games to those affected by the network issue.

I also have killzone liberation and dante inferno in digital form. All 5 of these games are on my GO and I would like to xfr them to the vita but if they dont work then I will just keep them on the GO.

I do have a feeling that if there were a vita version of a game, sony might block the psp version from working on the vita but I cant confirm that right now.

Anyone have lbp or mnr from the same program? Anyone have a vita they have tried this with?
El_Colombiano  +   1287d ago
I got LBP to copy over from my PS3. MNR wouldn't. Searching on the Vita itself, I couldn't find either...
FFXI101  +   1287d ago
Darthv, I also have MNR and Killzone-Liberation.

The MNR would not work on Vita but the KZ-Liberation will. I haven't try the LBP yet but I will later.
Soldierone  +   1287d ago
I can't get Killzone Liberation to transfer. I tried several times and it said I have to re download it and transfer it then. However now when I go to my download list it isn't there anymore....

I purposely downloaded that game to work on my Vita....
darthv72  +   1287d ago
thanks for the info. A friend got one and tried playing lunar on it. Said the content manager would not recognize the vita connected to his ps3. come to find he was trying to copy a ps1 version of lunar and not the psp version.

I have 4 ps1 classics just itching to be played on that oled screen. PS1 support can't come any sooner.
Blacksand1  +   1287d ago
Almost all the games for PSP work if u downloaded them from the PSN store. I just put VC2 and MHU on my Vita
FFXI101  +   1287d ago
Did you try the transaction management?
badz149  +   1286d ago
@all the above
1. MNR and LBP both work like a charme on Vita no problem. I (only) have these 2 PSP games on my PS3 and I can confirmed that they work 100% and yeah, along with all the online features too!

2. many PSP games downloaded before the renewal of ToS for PSN and PSP games that allows only 2 registered PS3s and 2 registered PSP/Vita having the same copy at the same time, will need to be redownloaded for I-don't-know-why reason. I got LBP and MNR during the welcome back and I can't transfer both of them at first. I redownloaded both of them and just then I can transfer them to my Vita. if you already have more than 2 PSPs registered and have the games you want to transfer, you have to deactivate them to make space for the Vita.

hope this helps.


not all games work but most do. I stumbled upon this 1 PSP game I forgot what it is on PSN that stated clearly "this game is incompatible with the PS Vita" or something like that in its description.
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brodychet  +   1286d ago
LBP works. MNR doesn't yet.
brodychet  +   1286d ago
jeez. The people on this site make no sense. I state facts and get disagreed. Like.. Why?
MrGunny94  +   1287d ago
Indeed, any ETA for the update?
WitWolfy  +   1287d ago
Any news on remote play compatibility?
f789790  +   1287d ago
No. Meanwhile people with hacked ps3's can play whatever with remote play.

Perfect example of why custom firmware is better. It may not work perfectly but it's not going to cut you off because it might stumble. It's idiotic to cut you off.
kamanashi  +   1287d ago
Those people also sacrifice controls and there is a decent amount of lag between button press and actions on screen. If they enabled it for all, it would just cause more complaints.
Hicken  +   1287d ago
Meanwhile people with hacked PS3s can't get the updated firmware to be compatible with the Vita, thus making the entire thing that much more complicated.
WitWolfy  +   1286d ago
Man... Was really hoping it would of had the feature out of the box. Would be awesome playing MGS HD remotely while im at work.
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SandwichHammock  +   1287d ago
I really would like R Type Tactics to be supported. I know its not on the list, and I don't want to drop 14.99 to find out its not recognized through the content manager.
f789790  +   1287d ago
Doesn't look like it. If it doesn't show up in the store on your Vita, it won't work.

Flying Hamster wouldn't show up in the content manager when connected to my ps3, but I was able to download it from the store on my Vita.
badjournalism  +   1287d ago
"If it doesn't show up in the store on your Vita, it won't work."

This is total BS. That statement has already been disproved or did you not bother reading the article?
DanSolo  +   1287d ago
I would have thought that the entire catalogue of PSP games would work on Vita anyway as that would be a good and cheap way of making the system more attractive as then people would instantly have access to lot's of games at launch. And I think it's fair to say it wouldn't affect the sales of Vita games as people are obviously going to want the new stuff even if they like the old.

Plus does anyone know if they are making it so that you can use the 2 analogue sticks to play the old PSP games?

And do the PSone games work on it?
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morganfell  +   1287d ago
Yes you can map the analog stick. So far the PSP library on PSN is huge. I re-downloaded 3rd Birthday from PSN, mapped the sticks and it's a modern 3rd person shooter.

If you own the game on the PSP game on the PS3 just re-download it from PSN to your Vita.

You can customize your PSP settings with the Right analog stick. To do this you open a PSP game, press down on the touch screen for about 4 seconds, a menu will come up that allows a few configuration changes. This includes mapping buttons from clunky PSP games to a stick.

@Darth below. No the support doesn't need to be in the game. How did they built support into a game before the Vita was even designed? If the game can use face buttons they can be mapped to the stick.
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darthv72  +   1287d ago
sorry morgan
I wasnt meaning support "in" the game. I was meaning the game is supported for play on the vita. Like the official list of games you can play and remap controls because they have tested them and certified them to work.

The "unsupported" ones are the ones not on the list but still work. I dont have the vita so I dont know how well those games work with remapped buttons. They arent on the official list for some reason or another. could be they couldnt get the controls to remap so they didnt make it on the list?

you just misread what i typed.
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Diver  +   1287d ago
darth dude you wrote it wrong. why would anyone even discuss stick support for a game that doesnt play on the vita in the first place. you just phrased it wrong.
darthv72  +   1287d ago
no ps1 support as of yet but....
its coming.

As for the stick thing, I think there is a way to remap controls but the game needs to be supported for this to work. Not sure on unsupported but still playable games though.

2 more weeks and then i get mine.

Oh and as for the whole library thing...yeah you would think but if there was support for the former versions of a game that has a vita version then people would not have much reason to buy the new vita version. Example: mod nation racers vita is a prettier version of the same game. Maybe a few new things added but not worth the $40 asking price when I got mine free from sony.
DanSolo  +   1287d ago
Thanks for both of the replies!

That is really good you can remap the controls to stick.... it instantly makes potentially good PSP games, actually good!

Vita has a real chance so let's hope Sony don't start making any silly decisions regarding it.... like getting too greedy for example!
kamanashi  +   1287d ago
I get the feeling it is coming really soon too. On the PS3 store, the PS One Classics section has the PS3, PSP, and Vita symbols already.
coryok  +   1287d ago
through remote play, all ps1 games work
Redcrimson101  +   1287d ago
What a load of bs. This shit doesn't work at all. I have tons psp games on my ps3 and the vita doesn't recognize any of them. This post is a bogus u can't play most of your psp game on the vita no matter what u do. Sony did this on purpose so people can focus on buying the vita and it's games. It backfired though.
ThanatosDMC  +   1286d ago
Make sure everything is updated to the latest firmware. If the games still do not copy to the Vita, delete and redownload. Or throw your PS3 and Vita as hard as you can at a wall for a quicker fix.
TheDivine  +   1287d ago
I got lbp and kz liberation to work but im kind of salty all psp games dont work. I wanted portable ops, resistance, and the 2 syphon filters to play with 2 analog sticks but po for sure doesnt work and the rest are very iffy. Its good most do but i exped them all to as its basically the psp2. The psp psn prices are pretty insane also. Some older psp games are still 30 bucks. I hate dd for new games but they were sold out of uncharted and im imptient so i got that and ninja gaiden (both rock btw). Those 2 filled an 8 gb mem stick also, sucks but thats the biggest they had.

Someone let me know if dark mirror or logans shadow is working because il buy the 2 bundles with them. I had both on psp but they would really benefit from the screen and analog stick. I wonder if sony removed some games to resell them on vita alone or in bundles?
CarnageXB  +   1287d ago
I'm disappointed LBP and mod nation racers for psp that I got from the psn redemption thing won't transfer or download to my ps vita
Lulz_Boat  +   1287d ago
i have BOTH LBP and Modnation working on my PS Vita. go to the PS Store (FROM THE VITA), then, go to the download history... you can download it from there. (european store btw)

What about LBP?
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f789790  +   1287d ago
Oh what the hell. I'm in the US and I'm looking at the Download History right now. It says "Cannot download using a PS Vita system" for ModNation.

Looks like they have a lot of updating to do to their database.
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CarnageXB  +   1287d ago
I get "Cannot download using a PS Vita system" through the download history on the ps vita store as well. On both LBP and MNR. I live in the US. I guess Sony needs to update
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badz149  +   1286d ago
you need to redownload both LBP and MNR on your PS3, not the Vita. like I've posted above, I got trouble transferring them at 1st too but then I redownloaded them both on my PS3 and after that no problem transferring them through content manager.
Lulz_Boat  +   1287d ago
GTA LCS works too. you can't download it from the PS Vita but it transfer correctly from the PS3
matt801  +   1287d ago
All oldpsp titles need are TROPHIES!
Rageanitus  +   1287d ago
Is there a way to transfer from PC > vita these games. I have quite a few from my media go directroy?
badz149  +   1286d ago
there's a content manager for pc too
I think you can use that
Redcrimson101  +   1286d ago
Some of the games worked, but not all of them. I managed to get castlevania, peace walker, gta on it.
Soldierone  +   1286d ago
Has anyone tried Jean D Arc yet?

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