Kojima Reveals Action Figure Raiden From Metal Gear Rising

Kojima posted some new pictures on his Twitter of a Raiden figure that's in the works, and being developed by Play Arts. It is Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, sporting his futuristic cyborg ninja outfit and bandana in front of one eye.

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MrGunny941976d ago

Must have! I want to have this statue... gonna order it!

Nyxus1976d ago

Many great MGS statues in the making, hopefully they will be somewhat affordable.

MrGunny941976d ago

Where can i order them from? I bought the ones i have from local stores (with luck)

Nyxus1976d ago

I'm not sure if you can get them yet outside of Japan. This Raiden and Solidus figure are still in development too.

Nate-Dog1974d ago might, might have them if they're being stocked outside the UK. The Solid Snake and Gray Fox figures were initially mostly supposed to be released in Japan but a few UK sites have them listed now.

MrGunny941976d ago

Alright, thanks i still want my Old Snake statue =/

Nyxus1975d ago

Here they have the crouching Old Snake, if that's what you mean, and it's pretty cheap:

They also have the Gray Fox and Solid Snake 25th Anniversary, but those are expensive.

DA_SHREDDER1974d ago

I liked Raiden when he was in MGS2, the new one is nothing but a shadow of his former self. Raiden just turned into a GOW clone with a katana.

dark-hollow1974d ago

How's mgs rising is anything like GOW?
It plays like a traditional hack n slash.

Baka-akaB1974d ago

regular raiden barely had a personality , and was at best a placeholder for snake and mostly existing to provide a nice plot twist .

That's why the cool cyborg ninja , with a tragic past , drastic change was easy to swallow by most people

D3mons0ul1974d ago

What's wrong with his face?

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