Can PlayStation Vita turn Sony’s fortunes around

GamesDiviner: With the might of Sony’s marketing machine behind it, yesterday’s launch of Sony’s PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe underlines the company’s hopes that this next generation portable game console can turnaround the fortunes of its loss-making Consumer Products & Services segment. However, according to Strategy Analytics, despite PlayStation Vita’s strong content line-up, creative gaming capabilities and great internet experience, the device faces enormous challenges if it is to succeed in an increasingly converging marketplace.

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JoGam2365d ago

I think it can help a lot. The Vita US launch has been great. I think it will help Sony and change portable gaming.

FriedGoat2364d ago

The vita is definitely the best handheld device I have ever bought. Makes my 3DS feel like a game and watch.

darthv722364d ago

the hardware is capable of turning heads. Software hooks and reels them in but it is getting the general consumer to bite. The core are already hooked but unfortunately the core are significantly outnumbered.

I think sony's biggest competition wont be the tablet/phone market as those are already pretty much bought and paid for. It wont even be nintendo as much as it will be themselves.

The vita launched to great fanfare but now sony is supporting 3 platforms when they can really only deal with 2. Remember they still have the psp to sell. I would predict to sell off units they will lower the price of the psp like nintendo did with the ds lite/dsi.

It is a general rule of thumb to clear out the old but doing that also puts them up against their new. People buying the vita more than likely had a psp to begin with.

Price is a factor and if a parent sees the psp on the shelf for roughly half the price of the vita and the selection of titles is significantly more diverse which one do you think they will buy?

It happened with the ds lite when the 3ds came out. Sales of existing ds models went through the roof. That is...until nintendo cut the price of the 3ds. Sony doesnt need to cut the price of the vita but they need to do something to generate appeal for it.

Marketing dept needs to get busy and push those ads that really makes the vita stand out from the psp otherwise consumers wont notice the difference. The people that frequent gaming sites know the difference but the millions of others who dont need to know.

Sorry, just trying to be rational.

Colwyn2364d ago

can it rain tomorrow?

GraveLord2364d ago

No, it can't.
It could snow though.

Knight_Cid2365d ago

an analysts opinion is worth as much as a pile of dirt

clearelite2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

well, judging by the amount of agrees he has you are incorrect. GENERALLY SPEAKING, he may be correct. But, just like piles of dirt, some analysts opinions are more valuable than others. I will say though, that many people are hold the title "analyst" probably shouldn't have that title.

Knight_Cid2363d ago

10 agrees and 5 disagrees for you say otherwise


You can count... Good for you.

Other people agreeing with you doesn't magically make my opinion invalid. Just like me disagreeing with your immature and gross over generalization of every single analyst doesn't just erase what you say.

The difference is the little kids cannot stand people, analysts, who have opinions. So.... they do what you did. They act like brats and lash out.

Idk.... You just need to be quite little boy. You can be 47 and still be a manchild so I don't want to hear it.

Ttyl Dirt.

--Onilink--2364d ago

no, Sony's financial troubles are too big for just 1 product to fix it. It can certainly help, but it needs to do some major overhauls to some areas like TV's and laptops, where its just a money hemorrage (good products though)

InTheLab2364d ago

Sure Vita can do it. Why wouldn't a $300 handheld save the failing Bravia line that goes for $2,000 and s***ty cameras with propriety memory. I'm sure it can save Sony music and pictures also....

Stupidness aside...

I'm very impressed with Sony's marketing of Vita. I've seen more Vita commercials this week alone than PS3 commercials in the last 5 years....particularly on ESPN and during ballgames.

Jobesy2364d ago

I don't know why you got disagrees, well actually I do but you know what I mean. This is why Sony split it's divisions, so if the tv sector fails (which it is) it won't drag the gaming sector with it. Right now the gaming sector is the only one making money. Sure the Bravias are good TVs, but so are the other brands that are hundreds cheaper. And cameras? Who really carries dedicated cameras around anymore, everyone I know uses their phones for pictures. And for high end cameras Sony isn't the brand you would want.

Mikhail2364d ago

Sony cameras are good and are gainIng ground against nikon and canon. They are cheaper too. Those cameras are the high end ones and also the lenses. Try to research first before commenting.

--Onilink--2364d ago


he is right, there is no point in middle ground cameras right now, with phones now reaching 8-12megapixels, better lenses, 720/1080p recording, a phone can do cover all you basic camera needs. Im not saying its useless to buy one, but the market is rapidly declining, not just for sony

And if you need to go pro, then you wouldnt really be going for the cheaper options, when other brands like the ones you mention are clearly the best

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