C&C Generals: Zero Hour Mod Generation X Beta Version 1.1 Released

No Life Studios has announced the release of beta version 1.1 of C&C Generals: Zero Hour mod Generation X, available for download now. This mod adds three new generals to the game, and expands options for existing generals with new units, upgrades, and powers.

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morganfell2485d ago

Really Examiner, enough with these mod articles. Do you not realize how many mods are released every day? I understand reporting one that redefines a game or genre but this is absurd. Your normal creatively bankrupt low standard of reporting is now even lower.

JsonHenry2485d ago

for those of us that love this series this IS news for us. Big news. And I would not have known about it for a while if it had not been reported here.

Now if I could just get the first decade version of CnC Gens:ZH to work on Windows7x64...

MilkMan2485d ago

I was always particular to ProGen myself. But I would love it if this series was Windows 7 compatible. I lost hours of my life on this game. It was more addicting than wet crack.