Taco Bell Blames Vita Contest Debacle on ‘Technical Issues,’ Enrages Misled Winners

Kotaku: More than a week after informing PlayStation Vita contest winners that their entries were invalid, fast food corporation Taco Bell has told them that it messed up, blaming "technical issues" for the confusion.

The misled contestants, who were told they won PlayStation Vitas on or around January 30, will all enter a "separate drawing" to win the system in late March.

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Soldierone2368d ago

Had it happen to me. It ate three of our codes, said "you already entered" or something and now they are not valid at all. Emailed and tried contacting them with no response at all.

Now their stupid app game isn't letting us submit our score either, so we haven't been back since.

Sorrow242368d ago

SAME EXACT thing happened to me.

darthv722368d ago

employees from taking down the codes and giving them to their friends?

Seeing as they can be entered via text it makes it seem like you go and pay for the box and get one with a code that has been jacked already.

Sorrow242367d ago

In my Taco Bell, they would give you the food without the box. I had to nag for about 5 minutes before they magically found some.

The lady said "I told you these ones wanted the codes"

Yeah, WTF. Then people complain because they get fired or never get promoted...

Fatty2368d ago

What the hell? I ate Taco Bell and all I got was diarrhea.

NegativeCreep4272368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

If you don't eat Taco Bell, you'll never have to poop.


In the future ALL restaurants are Taco Bell. As they will be the only survivor of the 'Food Wars'. (Demolition Man)

Be well..... ;)

coolasj2368d ago

All of the misled should get Vitas it would be fantastic PR.