Kotaku: Pouring Like an Avalanche Down SSX’s First Mountain

Kotaku: The SSX demo landed yesterday, with the full title arriving, at last, on Tuesday, rebooting EA Sports' much-loved snowboarding series. The last SSX release was the Wii-only Blur in 2007; before that, SSX on Tour in 2005. It's long enough that even some old hats may feel like newcomers in the seven-year layoff this game has had from traditional controls.
That makes the demo a useful reacquaintancing for both types of gamers, and a fun ride that's worth the download time you'll have to spend to get it. For veterans, a "classic" SSX control set is included in the game (and accessible within the demo). And for straight beginners—count me among them—the puppeteering is very sensible, whether you choose to use the right analog stick or the face buttons to perform your grabs and uber tricks.

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OooSheeet2488d ago

Hated the demo, it's just like a remake of the last gen series, there doesn't seem to have been any improvement! I was a huge fan of the series and was looking forward to this game, especially when I heard it was to be a grittier, more realistic version. Instead the deveopers have played it safe and produced a game with very little sensation of hurtling down a mountain side, and one in which it is actually very hard to crash. The course seemed very cluttered and I didn't like the new controls much. The online looks very dissappointing and there doesn't seem to be a replay. Overall I will pass on this one, and dig out my PS2, as the earlier versions played much better and looked about the same!

coolasj2488d ago

A "realistic" SSX wouldn't be the "extreme sports" SSX we all love would it?

OooSheeet2487d ago

No I suppose not, but I don't see the point of just making the same game again