Sega Lost the Handheld Race Long Before it Lost the Console Race

Kotaku: People are still, a decade on, shedding tears over Sega's last home console. We get it, it's sad, but let's not forget that other Sega gaming machine that was killed off by stronger competition.

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LX-General-Kaos2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Those are the type of casualties that are expected when going toe to toe with a Nintendo hand held. Sega fought a hard battle, but they they could withstand the power that was brought to them by Nintendo exclusives. Sega learned the hard way through sad business decisions and great competition that nintendo is the 1st real gaming company and the last real gaming company. Nintendo will be more then happy to accept sega games on the Nintendo 3DS.

but they are good 3rd party publishers

darthv722484d ago

lets say they played a hand in the gameboy but ultimately....tetris was the clear system seller. Not just being the pack in but also being so damn addictive. That is where things started with people, not into gaming, buying one just for that game.

Sega tried with columns and while it too was fun it wasnt the head turner or attention grabber like tetris was. Tetris, the angry birds of the 20th century.

DarkSniper2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Back in it's day, Sega was a driving force amongst digital gaming. Before there was Sony Computer Entertainment, there was Sega. Sega's sole intention was to disrupt Nintendo's momentum by providing a superior 16 bit console, a mascot who was easy identifiable by the fans, and a mature image that older gamers in the 90's could relate to.

During the time period, Sega released the Game Gear. Providing gamers with a handheld that was ahead of it's time. It was the only handheld that had enough competence to actually provide a color screen instead of the horse excrement of the Game Boy's green color palette. Sega's Game Gear even had the ability to watch television on the go. Sega Game Gear clearly did what Nintendidn't.

But bad decisions unfortunately left Sega no choice but to pull the plug on the underrated Game Gear. Fortunately, Dark Sniper has no worries that PlayStation®Vita will not suffer the same fate as the Game Gear. The original PlayStation® Portable has sold over 75 million units and struck fear into the heart of Nintendo.

There is a first time for everything. Dark Sniper cannot wait to observe this next generation of handhelds as Nintendo's 3DS will suffer the same karma that it deserves for forcing consumers to enjoy their gaming on a horse manure green screen, instead of allowing consumers to enjoy the far more superior product.


darthv722484d ago

lynx and turboexpress. Neither did any major damage to nintendo on the handheld front but they were sure good systems for their time.

darthv72 still play's street fighter II on the turboexpress.

SaiyanFury2484d ago

Growing up back in the 80s and 90s, I was privy to both Nintendo and SEGA, I still preferred SEGA's camp. I had a Game Gear and it actually did have some great games. Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya being one of my faves. The Sonic games were pretty decent as well. I actually just found a Game Gear in a local shoppe for 20 bucks. Got a few games and a functioning battery pack and it's nice to play it again. There were some build flaws but it was still a cool system, and as DarkSniper pointed out; it was the singlemost successful handheld to compete with Nintendo's GB before the PSP. While it's nice to wax nostalgic and think about fun things past, I also look forward to the future. Picked up my Vita yesterday, and am loving it. Sony sure built a beat out of this thing. :)

maniacmayhem2484d ago

And the Sega handheld was miles and miles more advanced than its Nintendo counterpart. Moral is just because something is tech better doesn't mean it will win.

I still remember the add on that let you watch TV. Sega was definitely way ahead of the tech that was currently available back then.

oldfriend862483d ago

My parents were pissed because I kept wasting batteries, hour after hour. The power adapter helped, but that was after the many trips to the store for more batteries.

Still remember Power Rangers and Sonic Chaos. Them were the days.