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Let's come right out and say it: 2007 was an incredible year for games, possibly rivaling the almighty 1998 (which was the year we saw Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life, and Starcraft hit the market). There have been more blockbuster games released in 2007 across all platforms than you can shake a stick at, and what's even more surprising, most of them turned out to be really good. But "really good" might not be good enough when it comes to making the cut in GameSpot's Best Games of 2007 awards.

each category will be announced the following week:
Schedule of Events

Mon, Dec 24 -- 10 a.m. Special Achievement winners revealed
Tue, Dec 25 -- 10 a.m. Dubious Honors winners revealed
Wed, Dec 26 -- 10 a.m. Genre winners revealed
Thu, Dec 27 -- 10 a.m. Platform winners revealed
Fri, Dec 28 -- 10 a.m. Best Game of 2007 revealed

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cloud360-7th_account3746d ago

if you want gamespot closed down vote for every 360 game

Jack Bauer3746d ago

i refuse to vote when i look at "best of platform" awards and my only choices include 4 of the 5 choices to be multiplatform games....for the 360... no mass effect or bioshock?....for PS3... no uncharted? UTII? Ratchet?

Bubble Buddy3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

there should be a site where us (the gamers) can review the review site lmao

Gamespot: 5/10

-too much variety on the pages
-I don't like orange and black
-I hate the word "Spot"

Bubble Buddy3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

+ we all know the game of the year is halo 3 or another 360 games right gamespot? o_0

and yeah no drake or R and C >.>, [email protected], plus game of the year don't have drake's fortune or R and C.

john_doe3746d ago

Gamespot's best game of 2007 goes to...... Kane & Lynch: Dead Men :)

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