Zone of the Enders HD Collection to include special edition of The 2nd Runner

Hideo Kojima has posted an image of the menu screens from Zone of the Enders HD Collection, confirming that the special edition version of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (which was never released in North America) will be included in the compilation.

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ElasticLove2488d ago

*throws money at the screen*

LX-General-Kaos2488d ago

Once the Nintendo Wii U is released. Kojima will have full opportunity to maximize sales by releasing Zone of the Enders games through Nintendo. With the power of the Wii U kojimas fox engine will be taken to the next level.

princejb1342488d ago

if history repeats itself
nintendo home console users don't want mature robot games, they want mario, zelda, mostly first party software

Cecker2488d ago

this news is old, gosh.

Ocean2488d ago

Definately getting this collection..thank you Mr Kojima

MrWonderful2488d ago

Isn't this coming to vita as well?