Twisted Metal Wreaks Havoc (Review) -

"Back during E3 2010 when Sony first reveled that Twisted Metal was coming back, you were probably in one of the two camps. Beyond excited that one of the funniest and most addictive game franchises has returned. Then there was the group who had no idea what Twisted Metal was or just did not care."

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crazypicklemonkey2484d ago

this is the best in the series.

Der_Kommandant2483d ago

That title goes to Twisted Metal 2 ;)

YogiBear2483d ago

I disagree in the nicest possible way. Black is the best one from the old days. Twisted Metal 2 was awesome though.

Nick2120042483d ago

Definitely have to agree. David Jaffe and his team at Eat Sleep Play did an amazing job. It sucks to see Jaffe leave, but knowing that he is starting his own company, I am sure we have many surprises coming our way.

Biohazard88602483d ago

I agree but the online def needs a patch already :/