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GP: "Square Enix gets it: a lot of us don't like Final Fantasy XIII. And with its disjointed storyline, linear gameplay, bland environments, and repetitive auto-battle system, there's been a lot to complain about.

They've addressed XIII's problems in its sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2, by adding all the things the first game lacked, like towns, exploration, side quests — things typically found in most good JRPGs. So it's all good now, right? Everything's fixed? Not quite."

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Skateboard2371d ago

This review made me laugh.

iamtehpwn2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

This game has literally scored every number 1-10 depending on the person you ask. LOL. Dare I say, this game met with even more varying opinion than the original XIII did. But I'm glad I Found myself liking it.

Tanir2371d ago

ive been seeing mostly really high scores for this game, and thats something because 13 was bashed so hard you would figure it would have affected most of the 13-2 reviews.

game is awesome, love me some jrpg