How to Save Your Vita From The Blue Light of Death

No matter how much is spent on product testing, bug fixing and quality assurance, stuff breaks. Even the sexy Vita can suffer from crashes, freezes, sudden power fails and other system problems. Luckily, there’s a quick and easy way to fix most of them. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2489d ago

Good there's a way to fix it, hopefully it's not a widespread problem.

morkendo232489d ago

BLUE LIGHT OF DEATH already??? have not been 30 days yet here in the states. in anyrate glad there is a "fix-it" solution.

Solid_Snake372488d ago

Because there are a lot of adopters

MaxXAttaxX2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

System freezes and you restart it.
There's no hardware malfunction or bricking.

Are they just tagging "of Death" to anything now?
Such terms only give misinformed fanboys more trolling material.

jony_dols2488d ago

It's more like 'the blue light of inconvenience' rather than 'death'.

Some Vita users have reported infrequent stalling. My PC does it, my 360 does it, my Galaxy S does it & hell even my 'ol SNES did it. Big whoopty do.

Dante1122488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

@ Endoran

Unless you were being sarcastic? It's not a Blue Light of Death, but a freeze that you reboot your Vita to fix. You know, like if your PS3 freezes or PC. PSLifestyle needs hits I guess lol.

Edit: The funny part about this article as well is that the Vita light is ALWAYS blue. Which is what doctorstrange and Sev got caught on down below lol.

rexbolt2488d ago

sounds lile the lil issue the 3ds had really no biggie

sikbeta2488d ago

WOW! not even a week and it alrady has problems!? Dayum! waiting for redesign makes way more sense now :)

kevnb2488d ago

lol guys, should we start calling the "blue screen of death" the blue screen of inconvenience?

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Sev2489d ago

This literally just happened to me. I saved the day!

360GamerFG2489d ago

You mean you saved a life!! You know, cos Vita means life and. . .aaah forget it!

evercast2489d ago

Had to do this last night. very easy fix :)

knifefight2489d ago

The first time this happened to me -- December -- I freaked out and thought my Vita was bricked.

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The story is too old to be commented.