Dragon Ball Z Kinect Rated in Europe, Episode Of Bardock Bundle Possible

DBZ on Kinect may be coming to Europe bundled with an anime special.

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tayz2491d ago

i am praying this will be good

BitbyDeath2491d ago

I hope they demo this in malls, would make for some entertaining viewing. LOL

DarkBlood2491d ago

bardock goes super sayian o.o id always imagined that in a as a transformation equal to vegeta having super sayian 3

DarkBlood2491d ago

found the full episode on this super sayian bardock on youtube in hd with english subtitles i believed

i saved that shit to favourites for tommorow with reese puffs cereal :P lol

memots2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )


Yeah i can see the potential in this.

Full on retard , That should be rated 8 and under

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