SSX Demo Hands-On: I’m Calling It Early, Best Snow Effects of 2012 | Addicted-Gamers

Matt.C @ Addicted-Gamers writes:

"The newest entry to the SSX series is considered a reboot. For a reboot it really doesn’t feel all that different. The game is still the over the top trick based game it has always been. This is definitely not a bad thing. For those people wanting something different you’re probably not going to getting that. What we will be getting is a solid SSX game that is modernized a bit. This modernization comes from the deep online mechanics that are shaping up to be pretty interesting."

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SSultan2249d ago

The demo was okay. The graphics are extremely lackluster.

shaun mcwayne2249d ago

does anyone know if the full game has simultaneous online mutiplayer, or is it just ghosts. thanx in advance if anyone can clear this up.

Captain Qwark 92249d ago

im fairly confident that the global events mode lets you race in real time. at least thats what they have said in multiple interviews. unfortunately the way they word it is not very clear still.

Jasmino9242248d ago

Great post!

Though I think there's a good chance that Battlefield 4 will give SSX a run for its money in the snow effect region if it's released this year, haha.