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Mass Effect 3 ‘Space Edition’ trailer shoots for the stars

Bioware has released a new trailer for their upcoming title ‘Mass Effect 3′ and this one takes you on a journey into orbit.

The trailer is for the marketing event that will shoot copies of Mass Effect 3 into space, on February 23rd. After the copies are launched you can then track from the ground, allowing lucky Mass Effect 3 fans to pick up an early copy of the game. (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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MilkMan  +   1370d ago
F*ck ME3 and there draconian DLC policies. Wanting everyone to buy their crappy CE games. Shove this trailer up your arse.
x800  +   1370d ago
what an stupid idea sending copyies of the game into space they are all gonna land in the sea. be there? be where? in the middle of the sea! so dumb
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SasquatchXD  +   1370d ago
I'll bet the non gamer that gets his windshield or forehead broken by one of these won't think it's cool. But I'm sure that person will get some money from suing EA for so w/e.

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