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LittleBigPlanet Karting coming to PS Vita?

Gematsu: "Sony has already confirmed LittleBigPlanet Karting for PlayStation 3. But PlayStation 3 may not be the only platform it arrives on, if GameFly is anyone to go by." (Little Big Planet Karting, PS Vita)

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Stunt  +   1256d ago
I hope. Would love to cross-play with PS3.
princejb134  +   1256d ago
this is interesting a create and play kart game hmmm
oh yea we got mod nation
GribbleGrunger  +   1256d ago
if you've ever played LBP2 and only played MNR then you really wouldn't understand why LBP Carting is going to bury MNR.
Elemental_  +   1256d ago
there would be no point to buy a vita version
PirateThom  +   1256d ago
Yes, taking the PS3 out and about is pretty simple. I just use those Glasses with the built in screens and carry a generator on my back.
Elemental_  +   1255d ago
I can play it on a big screen with a real controller.

Like most multiplat games, they dont move systems as much as exclusives do. Thats a fact
PirateThom  +   1255d ago
I don't disagree with you, but what's wrong with having the option?
Hicken  +   1256d ago
And your reasoning is...?
jokia005  +   1256d ago
Mikhail  +   1256d ago
Cross platform play, content sharing with PS3 and vita, online/co-op...make those happen and we have a winner.
archemides518  +   1256d ago
!@#$%^& better be
fdhfdh   1256d ago | Spam
GraveLord  +   1256d ago
I really liked the Modnation Racers demo. Didn't buy it though.
I'd really give LBP Karting a chance especially if it comes with that rumored PS Move wheel. My Move stuff is collecting dust.
pain777pas  +   1256d ago
I want it. The devs killed modnation road trip Vita. We need an online kart racer for the Vita.
SoundGamer  +   1256d ago
Might as well just make a PS Karting with a bunch of PS characters a la Mario Kart.
mttrackmaster38  +   1256d ago
It's pretty much guaranteed to be on the Vita. I mean, Sony would be dumb as hell to pass over the chance to sell more Vita games. Kart-racers are perfect for portable consoles! I swear if it doesn't get put on the Vita (fingers crossed), I will eat my left nut.

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