To Remake or not to Remake - The Case for Remakes

One of the more recent trends in gaming has seen the re-release of classic games in updated or enhanced formats across all systems, broadening the potential audience for older games. These remakes are now becoming a key way for new gamers to experience old games, but is it the right way to do things? In the first of a two week look at the industry, we look at the case for remakes - why they are such a lucrative business and why they eventually do benefit the gaming community as a whole, allowing us to experience classic games in new and exciting ways.

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lizard812882487d ago

If devs/pubs do remake a game, they better add new things and improvements.

Good Remake = LoZ:OoT. It added alot of new content.

Bad Remake = Rayman 2 3DS. They just ported it from the DC version. Nothing new and it still has the issues that plagued the past versions.

PopRocks3592487d ago

As long as they don't make too many of them (or at least have a special reason) then it's okay. New experiences are just as important as revisiting them.

And as lizard81288 said, they also need to provide something new to these remakes. Nothing huge, but SOMETHING; an HD makeover does not cut it IMO. Zelda 3D, Star Fox 3D, those had better graphics AND new content. Playstation 2 HD collections have trophies and Halo Anniversary had the version switch feature.