Microsoft Year-End Report Card: B-

Gizmodo - Wilson Rothman, Fri Dec 21 2007:

"Well, Redmond, it's been a funny year, hasn't it? Even if you ignore those Apple commercials, it's hard to ignore the fact that Vista was probably one of the main reasons people switched to the Mac OS, or to third-party Linux-based systems. We'll get to the big V-and that other mighty stain Windows Mobile-in a bit, but first you deserve much credit for some impressive feats in gaming, entertainment and home networking."

Xbox 360: A-
Zune 2: B+
Windows Home Server: A-
Windows Vista: D
Windows Mobile: D

Final Grade: B-

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DarkSniper3776d ago

With so many "AAA" exclusives released this year, Microsoft still was only capable of limping foward to a B-. That goes to show how poor the quality of their games were.

Apparantly Microkids have not done their math correctly because AAA does not equal B-.


Captain Tuttle3776d ago

You didn't read the article. It just didn't rate the 360 but all of Microsoft's products.

SKullDugger3776d ago

KISS MY A$$, do you really think SONY did any better with the PS3 and its games?

ActionBastard3776d ago

PS3 received a B+ Patriot. So to answer you questions, they did pretty damn well for "not having any games".

iNcRiMiNaTi3776d ago

Xbox 360: A-
Zune 2: B+
Windows Home Server: A-
Windows Vista: D
Windows Mobile: D

Final Grade: B-

360 got a A-

the B- was all those products combined to an average grade. some people need to learn how read one of these days

AngryTypingGuy3776d ago

With the RROD issues, I can see why the 360's grade was dragged down to an A-, which is still a great grade. From a pure gaming standpoint though, the 360 deserves an A+++. I don't know if any console has ever released the high amount of top caliber titles in one calendar year that the 360 has. 2007 was just an unbelievable year to be gaming on the 360.

2008 looks to start of strong. With Ghostbusters and possibly GOW 2 coming at the end of the year, it may end that way too!

BLACKJACK VII3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

LOL, sniper you get an F = another Fanboy Failure.

frostbite063776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Are you seriously trying to spin this article pro sony when the playstation 3 gets a B+ and the 360 gets an A-???
Dont like like, dont read it, and for gods sake dont post a comment about it

lawman11083775d ago

Learn to read, the 360 DID get an A but they put ALL of MS products together. Douche.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I would giving Windows Home Server or any windows server D too.


Lol at disagrees.

Get it thru your Thick skulls. Windows Server SUCK. Windows SUCK. For programers = Linux for general use it should be MAC and for gamers Windows....but now a lot of games are releasing on MAC.

wageslave3776d ago

Sure, Windows Server and Windows Vista "suck". They just suck much less than OSX, GNU/Linux, *BSD or any other Unix.

rofldings3776d ago

Windows server = win?

But the competition is FREE, more stable, uses less resources, less chances of viruses/security breaches, etc. How does windows server win again? Oh, did I mention, it's free and open source?

CRIMS0N_W0LF3776d ago

god all these disagrees to me and rolfdings show there are mindless retards with microsoft's c0ck in their mouth.

rofldings is also right.

DJ3776d ago

Wow, looks like they didn't want to go too hard on old MS.

wageslave3776d ago

Have you ran Home Server? You have no clue.

Bombomb3776d ago

for wha tit does. Like most there needs to be more flexibility but for what you can do it works. I don't wanna hear about linux and appple and every other OS that make up 10% of the market.

HarryEtTubMan3776d ago

haaaa. Microsft can't beat Sony. This is the WORST year Sony has ever had and they still managed a B+

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