Evolution of Grand Theft Auto: From GTA1 to GTA4

The evolution of Grand Theft Auto in a quick video. GTA: London 1969 and 1961 not included because those were expansion packs. GTA: VCS and GTA: LCS not included because those weren't the main GTAs and were spin-offs.

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ATLRoAcH3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

the first one for Playstation.It was the only game I had ever seen with a "parental advisory" on it.I think its still the only game with it.Maybe the rating system was implemented because of GTA.I loved the soundtrack for it, it was all underground stuff.The funniest thing about it was it had a burp/fart button.That never got old.The game was amazing all around.I really wish they would put it on PSN as a PSone classic.I would buy it in a second.

The song in the video is awesome and brings back so many memories of the original.God I want that game again.

jinn3593d ago

GTA3 brought the franchise into the spotlight, but GTA4 will make this game as big as the halo franchise if the online multiplayer is a success

EHILL3593d ago

God, I can't wait for the days, people will be strolling into the store asking
Customer: "Can I have GTA IV for the PS2"
Me:Unfortunately, the game is only avail. on Ps3 or 360.
Customer: Pause
Me: Anything else?
Customer: I saw it at wal-mart on the PS2.
Me: (Pause,) Why didn't you buy it there?
Customer: They were sold out, So you're sold out on the PS2 too?
Customer: You have mario for PSP?

MK_Red3593d ago

Good one :)
I've seen people asking for God of War 3 for 360 or Assassin's Creed for PS2 but this one:
"Customer: You have mario for PSP? "
Superb one. Bubbles for the superb and hilarious comment. It's always fun to laugh at stupid people who don't know a thing about what they're buying.

MK_Red3593d ago

GTA2 will always be my fave GTA. God, I really loved that game. GTA3 was also incredibly awesome and fun when it was first released but later the games didn't really evolve. Hopefully GTA4 is the evolution (and IMO the revamp the series needs).

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The story is too old to be commented.