First non-game apps show PS Vita's wider potential amidst frustration

These days, it seems, it's not enough for a digital device to just play games. To keep up with the smartphones and tablet computers of the world, any game system needs to at least nod in the direction of cloud-based and social networking "apps" that are all the rage with the kiddies. Sony's PlayStation Vita has now done exactly that, launching free downloadable Netflix, Twitter and Flickr apps in conjunction with the system's official debut today (though pre-orderers have had the system for a week now).

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Dante1122369d ago

Nice, really feeling that Netflix app.

Knight_Cid2369d ago

Did 3ds do that? and its outselling everything.

Jesus christ, mobile is not the end of the world

GraveLord2369d ago

3DS like barely had demos up for download a few weeks ago.....

Hicken2369d ago

Who gives a shit about the 3DS?

Damn, dude, EVERY Vita article does not need you in it mentioning its main competitor.

LackTrue4K2369d ago

3ds also had a price dropped, it must of hurt paying full price for that crap.

Knight_Cid2369d ago

most systems get price drops dude. That was like 6 months ago.

Hell the ps3 had one the next day.

And it being crap is the minority opinion. Especially since its kicking ass

Alexmiller3182369d ago

Whoever's instant queue that is should get around to watching Brick its fantastic!