Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus: Fighting Murai for the First Time Strategy

It’s no lie that Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a hard game and for those who have played it before, you might remember Murai, the first boss battle that you’ll get to fight at the end of first chapter.

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Yangus2253d ago

I play this game:
XBOX(Black)and ps3(Sigma)I like NG series.

Once again?No thanks.

lastdual2253d ago

Personally I'm waiting for Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Alpha EX.

RufustheSage2253d ago

People still need help with this fight. . . . .Sigma isn't even hard.

TheDivine2253d ago

I got this game because im one of the 3 people on earth who never played ninja gaiden on xbox, 360, or ps3. I couldve got stigma for 10 bucks but this looked fantastic on vita. I really cant believe i never played this before, what was i thinking?

If youve beaten it pass on it. If you never have its one of the best vita games period, grab it pronto!