PS Vita First Edition Bundles sell out

GameSpot- The PlayStation Vita officially launches in North America, Europe, Latin America, Australasia, the Middle East, and Africa today. To mark the worldwide rollout of the handheld, Sony's senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing Guy Longworth spoke with GameSpot to make a last-minute push for the system launch and answer questions about the First Edition Bundle, customer adoption of the system's 3G features, the decision to use proprietary memory cards for the Vita, and more.

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darthv722253d ago

im getting the 3g version.

1) it includes an 8gb memory card ($35 value)
2) it includes a trial month of the ATT service
3) it includes a free game (after the trial service is up)

4) it is the complete package as far as hardware goes. You cant add a 3g chipset or service to the wifi only model.

It just makes more sense to get the 3g/wifi model even if I dont plan on using the service. Damn IRS taking their sweet time with my hard earned tax refund!

Anyone know if this is a limited time offer for the first edition bundle?

hellzsupernova2254d ago

nice a good start hope it can continuie, just keep the software coming and you will be fine vita

ndl15312253d ago

i really hope the psvita gets the sales it deserves . really wonderful pice of tech . i certainly cant wait to get my hands on it. in the meantime im enjoying my 3ds .

MaideninBlack2253d ago

Impossible. Noone's buying a Vita. It cost too much and only has games already on the PS3. It's another Sony fail..etc, etc, /s

On a serious note: Good news!

thehusbo2253d ago

No! They told us it will fail and be dead in arrival!!!! It's all lies! /s

Good to hear! Got mine today and I must say its fantastic. Congrats to Sony on another great system.

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