Guerrilla Games: Happy Holidays

Guerrilla Games writes:

"Happy holidays from all of us at Guerrilla!

As a little thank-you gift for our regular visitors, we've created an exclusive greeting card. Print it out and put it on your mantelpiece, or better yet - set it as your desktop wallpaper."

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DarkSniper3773d ago

As a proud PLAYSTATION 3® owner. Dark Sniper would like to wish those at Guerilla games a Merry Christmas and best of luck in delivering the ultimate prize winning Killzone 2 in 2008.

Dark Sniper has noticed that no one from the Microsoft corporation has yet to wish their consumers a Happy Holiday. This further states Dark Sniper's theory of Micosoft being nothing more than modern day slave drivers as they have no sympathy or compassion for their own loyalists.


RadientFlux3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

you know you are complete fanboy... when you take a simple thing "Holiday Greetings" and twist it into a attack

@Tanod : I'll probably be doing the same thing you will be doing next year when KZ2 is released... playing it.

DarkSniper3773d ago

Omit these attacks towards Dark Sniper and focus on what he said and you will see that everything the Sniper has preached in this short paragraph is the absolute truth.


TANOD3773d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

How shameless are u XBOT.

expect some carnage of X360 when KZ2 launches this year

lol @TNS

you expect Fable 2/Banjo to fight FF13,MGS4,GT5,LBP and co

TRUELY ur expectations are VERY EPIC.

not even HALO 3 can prevent FF13/GT5/MGS4 from selling million copies in each of EU/JAPAN /NA

all these games will be million sellers ACROSS the globe unlike HALo3 which sells only in NA

GTA is multiplat ---but even that cannot fight FF13

no game can

HS,Uncharted,Ratchet ,Motorstorm ,Resistance, NGS,UT3 are miless better than

PGR4 -- a game thats not even AAA --got 7/7.5 from most websites

AC 6 --on PS3 next year too. However AC 6 was disappointing too. scored 7/8 from many websites

Bioshock and Gears --ON PC too

COD 4 is better looking on PS3

same goes to AC ofcourse you have to have RGB set to FULL RANGE MODE on PS3 and if you go by GT X360 is better. If u go by Gamesradar PS3 version is better

Orange Box --ON PS3 as well . even GS gave it 9.0 just 0.5 shy off 9.5 (x360 version)

so whatever way you are looking at it PS3 is the way to go

macalatus3773d ago

Damn you, Sniper, for being a better "sh!t talker" than me for the Sony side!! And oh yeah, Happy Holidays! ;-)

lewdvig3773d ago

What a dumb schill you are. At least get paid for plugging product.

I have all three consoles. They all suck. What's more 98% of all the games this year are not worthy of your hard earned dollars.

Tranz3773d ago

Microsoft did wish its consumer's a holiday treat dumb ass... it give us the best holiday line-up ever... PGR4, BioShock, Orange Box, Mass Effect, Halo 3, Ace Combat 6, and thats mentioning 3rd party titles like CoD4 (better because of Live Service) and Assasins Creed and the list goes on... My PS3 only got Uncharted & Unreal

So stop being a fanboy.. Sony isn't paying you!

Be a real gamer and play PS3/360/PC

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MK_Red3773d ago

Marry Christmas Guerrilla. Nice find, shot and edit :)
Hope they put this in the game as an unlockable or secret.

RadientFlux3773d ago

hopefully in the multiplayer portion of the game... I for one would love the chance to blow away Santa after a long day at the mall

MK_Red3773d ago

lol, That would rule. Sniping Santa :)

DJ3773d ago

They better include this skin in the final game. =]

Polluted3773d ago

Ha! Those Christmas grenades kick @ss. If only they would have given him some sort of sweet potato launcher...

picker3323773d ago

Are you schizofrenic?!
Just wondring becouse tat's not normal talk.

resistance1003773d ago

he does make this place more enjoyable however :D

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