Guide: 10 'Twisted Metal' Tips to Help You Win (RealSG)

Twisted Metal is more than just a bunch of cars driving around blowing each other up. Okay, so it's really not much more than that actually - but it's much more difficult than it sounds. This guide will help you win.

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TheSuperior 2367d ago

Tips on this game help. its actually a lot harder then i thought it would be. good article :)

AvidGamerrrr2367d ago

Yeah I had no idea about half of these strategies. Game is way more complex than I thought.

TheSuperior 2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

i hear you on that one. i thought i was just gonig to go destroy stuff but it turns out theres a lot more to it then that lol

soundslike2366d ago

If you DO want to take on multiple enemies at once, try kamikaze.

Go get power missiles and mega-guns, etc, find a group of people fighting, and charge up his ALT Special which is a giant freezing shockwave that locks everyone down.

crazypicklemonkey2366d ago

some of the races are so fn hard! love it though! one of the best all year.