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TGR take a look at Kingdoms of Amalur, and despite some key differences to the recent great RPGs, it's every bit as worthy of your attention as the Skyrims of the gaming world.

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Knight_Cid2368d ago

western sites sure love to be bias

BigDan802368d ago

On what basis? The reviewer enjoyed the game, is that such a crime?

By the way, bias and biased are different words. You HAVE bias, or you ARE biased. Just sayin'.

Knight_Cid2368d ago

it is when the game isnt a 10

Angrymorgan2368d ago

It a good game but 10......really?

sammykiernan2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

It's quite high isn't it, but look at other reviews on other sites, this isn't the only full or nearly full marks score. this sites review policy has this for 10

10/10 : Totally unmissable. Buy it. Twice

so they're not suggesting it's perfect, just a great game

(or, in other words, what Cowboy says below)

Angrymorgan2368d ago

Agree with your comment.
I wouldn't make a good reviewer, I'm too critical, I know no game is ever perfect so I'd never give a 10/10 score. So a 10 to most would probably be a 9.5 to me

Blues Cowboy2368d ago

10 seems a bit (okay, VERY) excessive, but each site has different criteria. Maybe a 10 means "killer app" or "must-buy" rather than a technically "perfect" game?

BeaArthur2368d ago

Not finished but I'm honestly bored with it. The story is uninteresting and the gameplay feels repetitive.