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PS Vita launches in Europe and US - but is it worth buying?

Sony's latest powerful portable console, the PS Vita, is now available in shops across Europe and the US. Some of the Pocket Gamer staff have had their machines for a while now, so they all sat down by the worker cages in PG Towers to discuss what they thought about the new portable. (PS Vita)

fluffydelusions  +   1325d ago
Only if your a gamer which I am, so yes it is worth buying.
JoGam  +   1325d ago
Its worth buying period. If your into gaming then buy it. Tons of games for it day one. Nothing more to say!
darthv72  +   1325d ago
pretty much....
anything is worth buying provided it has the appeal you are looking for.

That much being said. For ME, the vita is worth buying because it appeals to me. Obviously someone who is not that up to date on what the vita offers would not be so inclined to buy.

It is really as simple as black and white.
JokesOnYou  +   1325d ago
Well I'm a gamer but I haven't bought a portable since the original psp, which I sold 3 months later not because it was a bad system I just never used it enough to justify the price, I guess the older I get I just prefer console gaming over pc and eveything else, now with my samsung galaxy s2 a quick game of Angry Birds or whatever while waiting at DMV etc is plenty for me. With that said from what I've seen of the features, specs, and launch games of the Vita if you like portable gaming you should definitely pick up a Vita, only downer I can see is extra cost in memory cards but hey that's life for early adopters of most things....still Vita looks like a helluva portable gaming system overall.
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SonyNGP  +   1325d ago
Depends on whether there are games that you want at this moment.
Friendly_fiend  +   1325d ago
got mine
dc1  +   1325d ago
As do I.
erivera1994  +   1325d ago
already got mine!
Knight_Cid  +   1325d ago
This article is so bad

"Being able to play big, grown-up console games properly"

So handheld games before this werent grown up?

"Vita will comfortably outsell 3DS in the west in the long run,"

We dont know anything yet

Alot of generalizations, mis information, lies to sound grand

and the nintendo bashing is sickening as well
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Baka-akaB  +   1325d ago
Hey at least by the title alone i know you aint worth reading
PirateThom  +   1325d ago
I think my only complaint is that it doesn't combine your Vita trophies with your PS3 trophies....

Basically, the system is awesome.
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wumster  +   1325d ago
Things are worth what people think they are. My car maybe worth $10,000 to me, but to you, you may think $3,000. If you think it's worth getting, who cares what others think.

Everyone has a different perspective of worth and everyone will use their Vita differently. Some people will just game, some will watch Netflix, some will use it for the internet and some will do it all.

To ask if something is worth buying is a very subjective question because everyone thinks differently about worth.
Hatmantc  +   1325d ago
I feel the same way when someone tries to say that something isn't "fun" as if "fun" is universal
wumster  +   1325d ago
I hear that a lot also. Just because you don't think it's fun, then it's not suppose to be fun to anyone else.
ElementX  +   1325d ago
I don't think it's worth buying. Wait a year and there will be a revision with better battery life and sharper screen. Plus all the games out now should be cheaper.
Hatmantc  +   1325d ago
Could be said for any console or handheld though
PirateThom  +   1325d ago
It's not really an argument though, is it? That could be applied to, literally, anything that has ever been made in history.

If you're going to wait a year, why not wait 2 for the revised revision? Or 3 for the really cheap version? Or more and just get the next handheld instead?
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blumatt  +   1325d ago
I doubt they'll make the screen sharper after only a year, man. I agree with you on the battery life being increased. Even then though I think it'll be 2 full years before a revision. I just bought mine about 3 hours ago. Awesome device.
ElementX  +   1325d ago
Well, after millions of people buy the Vita, they'll probably discover some issues with the system. It hasn't been selling all that great in Japan and maybe the issues haven't come up yet. With the product in more hands, I'm sure you'll be hearing about something soon. Like the broken hinge on the original DS or the 360 RROD, there could be a manufacturing issue with the console.
Baka-akaB  +   1325d ago
sure but time is money as they say . And i dont feel like wasting either for potential and faraway, even if 100% certain , revisions and price cuts .

It's a year without enjoying the stuff out there , and imo unless you couldnt find something to care about among the list of games released and soon upcoming , it's a waste to wait .

PS :

I doubt that , when it comes to your second point . For better or worse , everytime Sony release something it's under a lot of pressure and scrutiny . If there were more issues than the few already spotted at japanese release , we wouldnt hear the end of it .
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Skateboard  +   1325d ago
Vita is amazing!!! It's like a Ipod Touch and a PSP had a baby. Look at all the specs and the games it has day one that speaks for itself.
PCE  +   1325d ago
To me it is, already got mine before the launch otherwise I would've play the waiting game. I got sick of my 3DS and PSP. Between Uncharted, HotShots Golf, the upcoming Gravity Rush and LBP games, the lineup has some quality stuff early on.
_LarZen_  +   1325d ago
Got mine today and all I can say is, Good job Sony!
GraveLord  +   1325d ago
Abdou23  +   1325d ago
I an objective opinion from someone who owns 3DS for example and loves it,Not some fanboys.
Tanir  +   1325d ago
if people waste their money on 300$ 32 gig ipods that dont do much then yes its worth it
ginsunuva  +   1325d ago
Why didn't the media make 3ds articles like these?
mayberry  +   1325d ago
Ferrari releases new 458 Italia in U.S. and EU, is it worth buying? WTF!
If you have the money, hell yes! Same with the VITA!
Hicken  +   1325d ago
Of course not. It's a Sony. Nothing Sony makes is worth buying. Even if it's the best handheld ever made, it'll just be cheaper to buy an iPhone. Well, not really, because an iPhone actually costs like $500+, no matter how you slice it. But that would be telling the truth.

DeadManMcCarthy  +   1325d ago
Not right now it's not.. Maybe in about 3 or 4 months when the proper firmwares and fixes come out. I expect it to be really buggy day 1 release.

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