The Weirdest Gaming Records from the Guinness Book

When the Guinness Book of Records launches next February, it's going to include a section on gaming for the first time in its history. (If you don't know what the Guinness Book of World Records is, read the full story for an explanation.) Now that games are included we can expect some truly bizarre gaming feats to be attempted. To celebrate the launch of the Guinness World Record Gamers Edition 2008 a Guinness World Record attempt for the longest Guitar Hero marathon relay will be held at HMV, Oxford Street, London on February 6 between 6-8pm. Find out more by visiting the official website via CVG.

CVG has a selection of the more quirky records from the book...

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harv0523643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

yeah....................right. .....

Bill3643d ago

I think we all know who holds the record for shoddiest console reliability ever made.

hokis4ever3643d ago

"Most uses of the F Word in a game
During a one-hour lunchtime LAN session of Quake III Arena team produced 4397 profanities, including several uses of the F word that no one had ever heard of, and received two official complaints from the HR department. They also went through a box of PC mice, after slamming them on the desk every time they got shot with the rail gun on The Longest Yard."

That was hilarious...

Relientk773643d ago

yea the most uses of the F word is awesome