Why Pre-Ordering Games Isn't Necessary Anymore (ObnoxiousGamer)

ObnoxiousGamer: Pre-ordering games used to be a requirement to ensure you received your favorite games. Now? Just show up on release day.

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MacUser19862484d ago

Not true, the Mass Effect 3 Collectors Edition was in limited supply.

Smashbro292484d ago

True to an extent. It's still a good idea to pre order if you wanna be 100% certain you'll get your game. Not like it costs extra.

helghast1022484d ago

It would still be a good idea to pre-order the more niche games, otherwise it may not ever show up in your local store... ever.

coryok2484d ago

lots of nis published games, for instance are sold out at some stores on launch day and they generally dont do reprints

rdgneoz32484d ago

Eh, Amazon preorders tend to be good at times. Nothing like $10 towards your next purchase. That and combine it with complaining about them not mailing me the Twisted Metal preorder on time and getting another $5, extra cash is always nice.

jsslifelike2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Pre-ordering pisses me off. Not only are there an abundance of copies anymore(save for the obscure), but the industry bases WAY too much in the way of employee bonus structure and/or DLC plans off of the metrics of pre-orders- pre-orders that can be(and mostly are) cancelled or changed by the product's release date anyway. Let's not even mention the fact that I feel like I'm entering into a shady, back-alley deal every time I'm forced to walk into GameStop...

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