Dear Esther Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Many reviews of Dear Esther, the narrative experiment borne of a Half Life 2 mod, have sought to define what it is, and they have drawn a variety of conclusions. Some feel that its lack of objectives and interactivity prevent it from being a true “game”. Others conclude that it’s a game because it isn’t anything else, and many believe that it somehow elevates gaming by railing against the confines of the medium

While all these viewpoints are valid, doubly so when you consider that Dear Esther was partly crafted to spark debate (for more on the game’s unique background, read our interview with Dan Pichbeck or head for the official site), they can fail to address a fairly basic question that a reader may reasonably expect to see answered ina review: is Dear Esther any good? Can a three-hour walk through a static gameworld deliver an experience that’s worth having, or is it merely an exercise in intellectual masturbation?"

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