37 New and Beautiful Screenshots for Kid Icarus Uprising

GameXplain: "Nintendo sent us a mother-load of new screenshots (37!) for Kid Icarus Uprising, for the Nintendo 3DS. Below you'll find screens of the weapons, powers, multiplayer, and even some of the game's newly announced "Fuse" mode!"

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Eternalb2309d ago

Damn this looks good for 3ds

LX-General-Kaos2309d ago

It absolutely does. It looks like a lot of work and care has gone into this one. I especiallyappreciate the starfox like flight stages.

Eternalb2308d ago

Yeah, I loved Star Fox. Glad to see its spirit lives on

2EHO2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

This is easily the best looking game on 3ds.... Yes better than revelations. This shows 3ds is more than capable in the graphics department.

andresegers2308d ago

It is a great looking game, isn't it?

2EHO2308d ago

Yes... I'm getting this game for the graphical presentation. I'm scared of the controls though.