2 More Hours with Kid Icarus Uprising (Multiplayer Hands-On)

GameXplain: "Kid Icarus Uprising’s multiplayer demo at E3 didn’t make a great first impression. The steep learning curve for the controls and the seemingly simplistic gameplay made it hard to get into, and even harder to really enjoy. Fortunately, Nintendo invited us out to their San Francisco office yesterday to give the multiplayer a second try...and what we saw was surprising."

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Eternalb2484d ago

The light vs dark sounds pretty cool

LX-General-Kaos2484d ago

This game looks to be a massive hit within the nintendo community. The footage that was shown during the japanese press event was golden.

2EHO2484d ago

Graphics are truly amazing. We say that a lot but this is the first 3ds game I would get just for the graphics.