Xenoblade Chronicles Hits Wii on April 6 With The Last Story Soon to Follow (Canadian Version)

"Nintendo is loading 2012 with surprises for all kinds of gamers. Today Nintendo can confirm that the acclaimed role-playing game The Last Story™ will come to North America for the Wii™ console in 2012, published by XSEED Games. Nintendo also can reveal that Xenoblade Chronicles™ will launch on April 6, complete with fan-chosen artwork that will be featured in the game’s packaging." -- (Official Press Release)

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LX-General-Kaos2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Day one purchase. From what has been shown so far these will be some of the top jrpgs this entire generation. Exclusively on the nintendo wii.

Top Quality Gaming

jacksonmichael2491d ago

First Nintendo Direct I actually enjoyed. The Last Story!

dark-hollow2491d ago

Good for anybody who didn't played xenoblade.
IMO the best jrpg this generation hands down.

n4f2491d ago

operation rainfall is a success!just one game missing

GasTankKiller2489d ago

Its only a success if we (NA) gets the third game. At this point I sure hope we do.