EDGE: Vita review

The biggest surprise about Vita is how natural all of this feels when it’s resting in your hands, and how harmoniously its weird array of features slot into place. Sony’s skill at designing luxurious, aspirational products has resulted in an elegant slice of hard plastic that’s equally at home mimicking glass or brushed metal, while early titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush use touchscreen, motion and button inputs with ease. Elsewhere, the LiveArea UI draws your game collection together into a friendly cluster of shimmering bubbles. Vita hasn’t been launched into particularly calm waters – and, with no Monster Hunter to back it up, its early Japanese sales figures hardly inspire confidence – but it makes an assured first impression all the same.

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BiggCMan2485d ago

Decent review, but like I have been saying, I think it's irrelevant to compare this to the iPhone and the iOS. But I suppose since that it was makes a good story now, it won't stop. This is 97% gaming machine, and therefore it should be compared to either the 3DS, or consoles. The iPhone is no gaming machine, it's games are lousy, 5 minutes of fun type of games, nothing compared to the likes of Uncharted, Wipeout, and future titles like Call of Duty and Resistance. The iPhone is a simplistic device meant for making money for Apple. It doesn't do much in trying to out do the competition, as there are many devices better than it.

Knight_Cid2485d ago

a system doesnt need monster hunter

brodychet2485d ago

When comparing iPads, iPhones and other phones you're comparing apples and oranges; common features.. different devices and applications entirely.

~Typing this from my glorious Vita!!!