Ninja Gaiden 2: Exclusive pics and vid


Happy Christmas! Here's three brand new and GamesRadar exclusive images from Ninja Gaiden 2, the Xbox 360 slasher sequel. Or if you prefer your violence in moving pictures format, point your eyes down the page for a (yes, exclusive again! *Blows own trumpet*) brand new action video.

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DiLeCtioN3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

looka so good and bloody man, combos are great too.

*fanboy comes out* why dont we have this crap game man the first game they polished/port was great. enjoy you lucky xbots.

lol joking, gonna be a great game.

BIoodmask3744d ago

I know Ninja Gaiden 2 is going to be fantastic. I just wish that some "quality" videos would be released. Everytime I see a video of this game it is so horribly low-res and pixelated it is hard to see anything.

I loved the original Ninja Gaiden, Itigaki did amazing things with the original Xbox hardware. I can only imagine what Ninja Gaiden will look like when it is released. I still think the original looks good by today's standards.

MK_Red3744d ago

Agreed on screens and the original which were near flawless. My only problem was the story.

The new game and screens look fantastic but videos are terribly recorded and terrible codecs are used. The game will be stunning and breathtaking in motion.

In game blood and gore redifined.

ThaGeNeCySt3744d ago

screenshots look great

but for some odd reason... I can never get the gamesradar video's to run... EVER

jinn3744d ago

i'm sticking with DMC4

Jinxstar3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Me too.

this looks cool. I just hope the story is better then the last ones =P I love the skill involved int he game. Makes it a dedicated gamers game.... if that makes sense. Great fun. Actual challenge I miss from the old days.

Marceles3744d ago

NG2 for the 360 and DMC4 for PS3...share the love

mesh13744d ago

jinn hahahaha pure comedy u shud start doing stand up dmc4 hahaha ? ps2 looking game i wont even think of buying it

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The story is too old to be commented.